The Reviews – Top 5 Cell Phone Companies in Canada

The Reviews – Top 5 Cell Phone Companies in Canada


The fine details of Canadian cell phone plans continue to confound customers: complex contracts and hidden fees. It is so difficult to choose among cell phone companies but you will get a suitable provider if you consider the following points.

  • Network Performance

Users depend on the wireless network for their social and business needs. Having problems such as unsent text messages and dropped calls can have a significant effect on your daily life.

  • Calling Plans

There exists a wide belief that calling plans in Canada are exorbitant compared to elsewhere in the region and the world. That alone makes many people take the first offer that comes their way, yet there are many cheap plans out there.

If you go here, you will discover a huge variation of prices in Canada. You may also want to base this argument on a recent report by CRTC, which revealed that Albertans spend more for cell phone services than Quebecers do.

  • Range of Phones

For many people I know, this is the deal breaker and it’s like most providers have discovered this. In recent times, you may have noticed the zeal of providers as they encourage consumers to sign contracts by providing irresistible discounts on cell phones. Some of them even go to the extent of offering handsets freely.

The Reviews – Top 5 Cell Phone Companies in Canada

The other day I researched about several cell phone companies in Canada, looking at features such as data, internet speed, available handsets and rates. Here are the top five of them.

1. Rogers Wireless

One of the hallmarks of Rogers Wireless is a flawless network that covers most of the country. Perhaps this success comes from the flexible plans that Rogers offers its customers. Their customer service is still not at the level of TELUS, but their large selection of cell phones is very attractive. Recent quarters have seen the company struggle with worrying customer turnover.  Submit your review of Review of Rogers Cell Phone Plans.

2. Telus Mobilicity

Having surpassed the 7 million customers mark, TELUS has definitely come of age and competes favorably with the other big players. As hinted, TELUS is popular for its friendly customer service. Although some people in some areas of Toronto still complain about lack of network, the reach of the company is commendable.  Submit your review of Review of Telus Cell Phone Plans.

3. Bell Mobility

If you are looking for unique cell phone plans, Bell should be at the top of the list. Their only problem is a not-so-good customer service, according to reviews. The first reason why I would go for Bell is their fees are very straightforward. Second, they have top of the range phones, especially Smartphones.  Submit your review of Bell Mobility Cell Phone Plans.

4. Wind Mobile

My sister has lived in Vancouver for three years now and all this time, she has been on Wind Mobile. Going by her experience, the provider is very good at offering a variety of phones. I checked their prices at are competitive even when compared against major companies.  Submit your review of Wind Mobile Cell Phone Plans.

5. Mobilicity

Though just launched four years ago, this company has created a name for itself in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton and Ottawa. With a rich blend of both common phones and advanced phones, the firm is a darling of a large section of Canadians. One area they need to improve is the price of their phones; they are too expensive.  Submit your review of Mobilicity Cell Phone Plans.

There you have it! While these cell phone companies have wonderful features and plans, they also have various challenges. provides cell phone rates and plans in Canada to assist you in making the best decision.  Do you agree?  At CMR, we want to know what you think, provide your cell phone review of top cell phone providers in Canada at