Setting up a Cell Phone not Purchased from Your Wireless Provider

Setting up a Cell Phone not Purchased from Your Wireless Provider

There are many reasons you may want to set up a cell phone from another provider or store other than your own Wireless Provider, such as better price or sale, your provider does not have the cell phone you want, etc.   I have always enjoyed the Blackberry as I find it more practical with built in Word, Excel and Powerpoint and I always liked the keyboard. 

On December 17th, 2014, Blackberry Classic was launched and has three times faster browser, 60 percent more screen space, 50 percent longer battery life and greater variety of applications through BlackBerry World and the Amazon Appstore.  It went immediately on my Christmas wish list and I got it as a Christmas Gift.  Yay.  I was excited but a bit concerned how well this would work with my Fido plan as it was purchased through Bell and Fido did not offer the new Blackberry Classic. I was also a bit concerned on the work involved in transferring my contacts and history, calendar, pictures and video.

The Blackberry was received along with a separate purchase of the unlock code ($40).  I previously had an iPhone 4S and instructions indicated to just switch out the SIM card and a message would come up with the request to put in the unlock code.  First off the SIM card did not fit in the Blackberry so I had to go to Fido Store and get a Blackberry SIM card.  The CSR put in a new Blackberry SIM card at no cost and said I would have to manually add all my personal data.  The Blackberry did not ask for the unlock code, so I did not need to have the extra purchase of an unlock code.  I then realized I had over 1,200 contacts and lots of pictures not to mention losing all the history so I figured days of manually adding this information, but phone and text seemed to work.  I got home and to my surprise, found a great app already installed on the Blackberry called Device Switch.  I launched the Device Switch App on my Blackberry Classic and followed the very simple steps.  Next I installed the Device Switch app on my iPhone and it immediately started the transfer.  Transferring the contacts and calendar transfer was quick, but I had a lot of pictures and videos and that took about an hour.  I was relieved at the simplicity and it worked!

The next problem was I was missing texts and calls (not all but enough to be concerned there was a problem) and could not set up my email accounts.  I tried setting up the accounts quite a few times, searched forum and then finally called my Wireless Provider, Fido.  They were very helpful and the Fido Rep checked all my settings to ensure it the Fido plan was all set for Blackberry network and made the necessary changes.  Immediately after getting off the phone, I was able to set up my email accounts and no more missed calls or texts.

So, if you are having any issues switching to a Blackberry smartphone (or other phone type) purchased from another provider, ensure that you really need an unlock code.  If you are switching phones from a different company (eg Apple to Blackberry) you’ll need to get another SIM card from your Wireless Provider.   When you get your SIM card from your provider, make sure they go through all the settings to ensure you have all the correct Network Settings.  And finally, you don’t have to manually add information if you have a new SIM, simply look to see if the Device Switch App (or other similar type of app, eg Samsung Smart Switch)  is installed or find the app and install on both phones.

I love my Blackberry 😉

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