4 Ways of Send Faxes Without Using a Fax Machine

4 Ways of Send Faxes Without Using a Fax Machine

Today, there is really no need for a fax machine. There are many ways that you can now send a fax without having a dedicated fax machine. You will save a lot of money by getting rid of your fax machine and free up office space. Here are the main methods of sending faxes without the need for a fax machine.

Faxing Service

You can send faxes through a faxing service. These can be found at couriers, convenience stores, drug stores, and many other businesses. You will be charged a rate per page at these services. This isn’t the best method but it’s a quick way to send a fax when you need to without owning a fax machine yourself. On the Internet, you’ll also find plenty of services which will send faxes for you as well like eFax which allows you to send faxes by email.


Many printers now have fax services built into them which saves you the trouble of having to have a machine dedicated to sending faxes. You will need a phone line dedicated to sending and receiving faxes but you will save a lot of money by having your printer handle faxes for you. Many printers now offer wireless faxing where all you need is a network connection to send a fax. Check with the printer manufacturer to see if you can send faxes wirelessly.

Office Software

Many computer programs like Microsoft Office allow you to send and receive faxes. You will need a dedicated fax line but you have the ability to send and receive faxes through computer software which can save you a lot of time. You can also buy specific programs which will handle faxes for you in a more robust way.

Internet Faxing Services

If you send a lot of faxes each month you may want to use a dedicated Internet service for it. These offer you convenience and they are easy to use. You will get a lower cost if you send a lot of faxes each month. Many of these programs also work with your so you canto send and receive faxes. These services allow the following:

  • Receive and send faxes in Canada and the United States
  • They work wherever you connect to the Internet and some will work with mobile devices
  • They are secure to send sensitive documents
  • Gives clients a toll-free fax number where they can fax you
  • Faxes are received by email and they are kept for a set amount of time so you have a chance to read them
  • You get faxes in TIFF and PDF formats

Internet fax services are probably the easiest way to send and receive faxes as you have everything you need in one convenient package online.


You no longer need a fax making at home or your office as there are easier ways to send and receive faxes today.