4 Ways of Send Faxes Without Using a Fax Machine

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Less is more – Wouldn’t it be great to have an existing device or software so you can get rid of your fax machine?  Now there is no need to have a cumbersome, timewasting fax machine, at comparemyrates.ca, we will give you the various ways to send faxes without a fax machine that will not only free up some office space but is more efficient and will save you money on equipment, paper, and ink; this is great news for Large Business, Small Business, and homes too.  Let’s look at some ways to accomplish this.

Method 1 – Faxing Services

Not the best method, but good in a pinch; you can send by going to your local convenience store, drug mart,  and courier/shipping store or location where you can send faxes and many times receive faxes for a cost per page.  The cost is more than the methods below, but good if you require something sent and have nothing set up or don’t send or receive many faxes.

Method 2 – Printers

A better way if you send and receive faxes than method 1, however you still have the equipment, but instead of 2 machines or 3 machines (Copy, Fax, and Print) you have in one type printer and you also need a dedicated fax line but will save on paper and inkComputer is required.

Method 3 – Computer Office Software

Again, a better method than 1 or 2 because you have the ease of sending directly from your computer using Microsoft Office and included in some versions of the Windows Vista and all versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8. Windows XP includes Fax Console.  Again, you still require a dedicated, analog fax line but much easier to use and simple to set up.  Computer is required.

Method 4 – Internet-Based Virtual Faxing Services

This last method is our choice as the best method for ease of use, convenience, and if you send many faxes per month, lower cost.  There are many companies that offer Internet-based virtual faxing services and you can send faxes from your computer and smartphone.  A few examples are Rogers (http://www.rogers.com/business/on/en/smallbusiness/products/internet/internetfax/), Bell,  http://www.bell.ca/shop/Sb_viewProduct.page?sku=SB_INT_FAX and many others, just search internet based virtual faxing services.  Most of the companies offer a free trial and start at approximately $10 per month.  With most services, you can

  • Send and receive faxes by email anywhere in Canada and the United States
  • Works wherever you can connect to the Internet (including mobile phone with the internet)
  • Secure to fax even the most confidential documents.
  • The personal toll-free fax number for your clients to fax you.
  • Incoming faxes are received by email and archived for a certain period of time
  • Faxes in PDF or TIFF format

Computer or mobile phone with the internet is required.