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Scientist Found Water On Mars… Find Out What Mr. Smith Found

Scientist Found Water On Mars… Find Out What Mr. Smith Found

Scientist Found Water On Mars… Find Out What Mr. Smith Found

Just recently, NASA announced its discovery of water on the Red Planet. Temperatures on Mars are chilling but the scientists say that by nature, the briny water is free from sublimation and freezing.


However, this discovery seems to have raised temperatures in the Canadian mortgage market. Most news channels in Canada have given this issue wide coverage, with reactions coming fast and furiously, especially from people wary of having their dreams of owning a home quashed.


Following this discovery, three things are likely to happen. Justin Bieber will revoke his Canadian citizenship, Canadians will have an identifiable national cuisine and mortgage interest rates will increase.


Mr. Smith is one of the many people not amused by the latest discovery by NASA. “Who needs briny water with all the fresh water reserves spread across Canada?” Smith asked a group of his neighbors amidst acclaim.


The neighbors did not need to probe much before Mr. Smith told them of a discovery that had turned around his life. Smith retraced his upbringing at Dead Man’s Flats in the 70s. “During those times, the rental rates were as affordable as dirt and the place was ideal for bringing up an average family.” Smith said.


Over the years, things have taken a turn for the worst as rental rates have skyrocketed. Smith has been through thick and thin as a result. That’s why coming across is his biggest discovery this year. He is quoted as saying “I had to take seven margaritas to cool down and try to take in what I had just discovered.”


These are new beginnings for Smith indeed. It turns out that after only four months, the appraised value of his new home has increased by $25,000. Even better news is that the bank is willing to lend Smith the difference. This will enable him to get a nice motor home as he has always dreamt.


Listening to Mr. Smith describe his discovery, it is easy to understand his excitement. While it’s true that mortgage interest rates are low, there is a chance of getting even lower rates and better terms. is a platform for borrowers to compare Canadian interest rates from a large group of financial products and providers. Since interest rates change daily, Mr. Smith realized that he is able to save over $30,000 over the course of his mortgage.


By comparing rates, you too save can save thousands off your mortgage. Mr. Smith noticed several exciting offers on the site, called each of the providers to discuss the rates and terms and got the ideal offer.


Everybody knows that briny water may not support life-fresh water definitely does support life. Discovering the site has brought freshness and happiness in the life of Mr. Smith and his family. For a mortgage of five years, he can save as much as $4,500. For the full length of the mortgage, the savings are even more kind.


What’s the better discovery for you? Go to and choose your ideal mortgage package as we wait for more colorful information from the Red Planet.