Rogers vs. Fido

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When you're considering to purchase a cell phone plan in Canada, there are a variety of cell phone companies you can consider, but there are 2 major players in the cell phone business, Rogers vs. Fido.  Rogers and Fido are the same company.  In November of 2004, Rogers Communications purchased Fido Solutions from Microcell Telecommunications.   Although part of the same company, they are separate entities and each has their own niche.  Fido provides a monthly plan and costs are cheaper than Rogers. Rogers does, however, have a larger phone lineup then Fido does. Compare cell phone plans and decide depending on your needs.



  • Rogers targets higher end customers and business accounts
  • Competitors are Bell and Telus
  • With Rogers you can bundle your Wireless Phone service with other Rogers services such as Home Phone, Internet and Cable
  • Aside from Rogers cell phone plans, unlike Fido, Rogers has other Services such as Internet, TV, Home Phone, and more recently, Home Monitoring Systems
  • Better phones and systems
  • Better customer support


  • Fido’s target is the average Canadian customer
  • Competitors are Virgin and Koodo
  • Fido brand gets you better plans
  • Not as much business support or people answering at the call center
  • Fido has cute doggies on their ads
  • Fido is only Wireless


  • Fido has the same coverage as Rogers
  • Part of the same company
  • Both have prepaid plans
  • Both have a choice of contract plans
  • Same Networks
    • (HSPA+ (Evolved High-Speed Packet Access)
    • Mobile WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access)
    • LTE

Not everyone has the time, when looking for a cell phone provider, to engage in full-blown research into all the possibilities. It is a wise idea, however difficult to gather all the information together. Thankfully, is designed to give you a leg up on getting the provider you want at the price you deserve.  The site is user-friendly, allows you to look up several plans offered by Rogers and Fido to compare and offer you a chance to look at what sort of plans they are offering.   Between the layout and the sheer volume of information, we also have links to the cell phone company website so you can, as the consumer, contact them yourself.  We hope this article has assisted in the differences between Rogers and Fido.

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