Why Rogers is Rated #1 in Canada

Why Rogers is Rated #1 in Canada

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Among all the things inside your home, how many of them run off the internet?

From home security to entertainment, almost everything we do at home is gadget and internet-based. This is why the list of primary needs have evolved. Today, having a stable internet connection is a top priority for homeowners. That’s exactly why Rogers has amped up their services and has been taking internet speeds to unbelievable levels.

Rogers Levels Up Internet Services

Of course, BCE is also working hard in competing with the upgrades Rogers is rolling out. Rogers has so far been successful in offering gigabyte speeds within their service areas. They even added a bit of goodwill into the equation by connecting 20 schools in the Toronto area to their high-speed service at no cost.

On their end, BCE is also working on reaching the same speeds. However, there is one huge advantage that Rogers has over them. BCE still uses the traditional DSL service, which can have a lot of restrictions as far as speed and stability are concerned.

Rogers has also been unable to launch a next-gen television platform just yet. This is where people can try to hit them the hardest. After all, IPTV offers a ton of advanced functions that their traditional TV service will not be able to deliver. This is why Rogers is relying on their currently unrivaled internet speeds to take them to the top.

This doesn’t mean that Rogers isn’t interested in leveling up their television platform. In fact, the possible surge in demand for their internet services just may be the thing that would welcome 2019 with a bang for them. Then, in 2018, they plan to launch their very own cloud-based TV platform called X1. The platform will be licensed directly from Comcast, another leader in the same field in the U.S.

So far, BCE is building a $1.4B investment that lays out fiber lines all over Toronto. They expect this project to be completed by the end of this year. However, we should not forget that fiber optic lines would mean installing the lines directly to each home. In the case of the cable internet that Rogers offers, upgrading the internet speeds would only mean upgrading the equipment and software used in the central hub. This process is not only more cost-effective, it also covers a huge area in a single effort.

All this work going into upgrading their systems is not just for the sake of delivering something better. It is becoming evident year after year that people are already highly dependent on their internet connection for a lot of their usual tasks. Faster internet has become a need. And telecom providers everywhere are sure that year after year, the demand for something even faster is to be expected.

What Rogers Promises

While Rogers is working hard to upgrade their speeds, the demand is also increasing. Who wouldn’t be tempted to subscribe to Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet? It’s basically the ultimate internet experience.

With download speeds of 1gbps, you can expect:

  • Lightning fast downloads
  • Seamless streaming no matter how many devices you’re using at the same time
  • Uninterrupted gaming

It’s the best internet service Rogers has to offer by far. Here’s what makes this service even better:

  • AC technology

To have the capacity to offer unbelievable speeds, the provider has to invest in nothing but the best. That’s exactly what Rogers did. The modems that Rogers uses utilizes the AC technology. This tech is, by far, the fastest tech used in today’s most modern gadgets.

  • Dual-band connectivity

Having AC technology built into their modems is already a huge win. But the fact that these modems also use dual-band connectivity makes them even better. Add to that the high-gain antennas, and you can be sure you won’t lose your connection even as you move from one room to another.

  • No equipment to purchase

The one thing that makes a lot of internet plans expensive is the fact that you have to buy equipment. But not with Rogers. All packages for Rogers Ignite comes with Wi-Fi modem rental. This means that you won’t have to shell out extra for a different router.

Evidently, Rogers has been working hard to give subscribers what they want and need. With this commitment, it won’t be surprising if Rogers stays on top of the broadband food chain.

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Best Offers from Rogers

Now, it’s time to figure out what package fits your needs the most. Remember that each home has unique needs. What your neighbor uses may not necessarily be suitable for you.

It’s a good thing that Rogers offers a vast number of promos and bundles. There’s definitely one that’s going to give you everything you need in one go.

To help you figure out what Rogers’ best deals are, here’s a rundown of the best that they offer:

  • Back to School Bundles

Students are among the top internet users anywhere. This makes the Back to School Bundles from Rogers the perfect choice. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing research for your schoolwork or bingeing on Netflix after a tough exam. With bundles starting from $74.99 a month, this limited time offer is something you’ll have to consider getting. You can save up to $46.99 per month for the first 12 months.

  • Free Upgrade to the Fastest Speed Offered

Switch to the Ignite 150 Unlimited Internet and Select TV on or before January 2018, and you can be upgraded to Ignite Gigabit at no extra cost! Here’s what the bundle includes:

  • 150 Mbps download speeds (upgradeable to Ignite Gigabit for free)
  • Unlimited internet
  • Select TV (over 100 channels)
  • Gigabit Wi-Fi Modem (rental)
  • HD box (rental)

The Ignite 150 package costs only $99.99 per month. That’s at least $61.99 per month in savings for the first 12 months!

  • 3-Product Bundle

Hoping to get all your home needs in a single bundle? Then this is the perfect package for you. It puts together your home phone, internet, and TV subscriptions into a single package. And all of it for just $99.99 a month!

Here’s what the bundle includes:

  • Rogers Ignite (30 mbps download speed and 250GB usage allowance)
  • Starter TV (over 35 channels included)
  • Local home phone (included on the first 12 months)
  • Wi-Fi modem
  • NextBox HD Terminal

Note that some of these bundles are only offered for a limited time. Check the availability of these offers in your area and start taking advantage of these great deals.

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