A Quick Glance at the Most Popular Scotiabank Credit Cards

A Quick Glance at the Most Popular Scotiabank Credit Cards

Are you looking for the most popular Scotiabank Credit Cards in Canada? Last year, the Bank of Nova Scotia, better known as Scotiabank, overlapped the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) as the third best credit card issuer in Canada.

Scotiabank is known to have a credit card to suit any lifestyle.  Scotiabank offers scene rewards cards, cash back credit cards, travel rewards, as well as low-interest rate or no annual fees credit cards.

Popular Scotiabank Credit Cards


Scotiabank Gold American Express Card
One of Scotiabank’s new offerings, this Scotiabank Amex credit card is great for avid travelers and earning rewards on everyday purchases. With a sign-up bonus of 20,000 points (ends May 31, 2016) you get $200 in travel rewards. You can also earn 4x points on grocery, entertainment, and gas.  There is an annual fee of $99 for this card.


Scotia SCENE Visa Card

For its easy approval process, this card is very popular with anyone looking for a no-fee credit card. The Scotiabank Scene Visa is the fastest way to earn free movies. You earn 1 SCENE point for every $1 spent on credit card purchases. The bonus signup offer of 2000 points gives you 2 free movies. This makes the card the perfect option for people who go to the movies often.


Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Card

This card is perfect if you spend regularly on grocery and gas every month (who doesn’t?). You can earn between 1% to 4% cash back on eligible purchases. There is no annual fee for the first year but it is $99/year after and you get cardholder exclusive offers through VisaInfinite.ca with this card.



Scotia GM Visa

This is one of the cards from the Scotia Bank-GM partnership. If you spend $5000 on the card, you get 5% GM earnings. One of the most interesting things about the Scotia GM Visa card is that earnings are eligible as long as you are a cardholder. There are no redemption limits or earning caps. Clearly, this card may only appeal to the loyal GM customers.

Student Cards

Scotiabank L’earn Visa

One of the most popular credit cards for students, the L’earn Visa card offers 1% money back reward. Designed with students in mind, there is no annual fee. Students can build a good credit rating with this card while earning valuable rewards.

In Conclusion

Whether for shopping, travel or cash back, Scotiabank credit cards appear to be reliable and trustworthy. Several of them have won awards and recognition of various forms. Therefore, if you are looking for a credit card that complements your lifestyle, Scotiabank might be a good place to start. Compare popular Scotiabank credit cards and see how they stack up for your specific needs.