Paying Too Much on a Home Phone?

Paying Too Much on a Home Phone?

There are three ways to communicate from home.  The first way is through a landline, which is a physical connection using wire (example: Bell Canada) or fiber optic cable (example: Rogers).  The second is the VoIP phone and that is a radio frequency that is dependent on a wireless network.  The third is a Cell Phone.

All three telecommunication methods are available for use at home and there are costs associated with all three. Luckily, there are many ways to save money on these methods.

How to Save with a Landline

Save money on a landline by bundling. Find out whether your service provider offers any deals or promos on services or long distance packages.  The best way you can save is with a long distance package. There are some Long Distance Service providers that offer great long distance rates. Companies like Yak-Yak and Comwave are known for this.

There are still reasons people want to keep their landline and usually, it is usually because they are not as mobile or want the security and reliability of a landline. Be sure to first check with your provider about long distance packages they offer.

How to save with VoIP

More Canadians are replacing their landlines with VoIP to save money on their home phone.  Not only do you save on services, but there are many ways to save on Long Distance. Also, a VoIP phone can be mobile when you need it to be and can be forwarded to another phone number.  With VoIP, you can also make calls using your computer.

Who are VoIP service providers?  One of the best VoIP service providers is Skype, which offers low costs and you can call computer to computer for free. Comwave and Magic Jack are also some great VoIP phone service providers.