What Makes Fido Phone Plans Unique?

What Makes Fido Phone Plans Unique?

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Fido is now competing with the big players, including Telus, Bell and Rogers since the recent addition of contract phone plans to its product range.  Why should you consider Fido over these large companies?

Tab Options

fido phone plansThe first and chief reason we love Fido phone plans is that it gives users twice as many tab options to choose from. Each tab option has different monthly fees: you might opt to pay upfront and select a cheaper plan, or pay the minimum and spread the cost over a 24-month period.

The major phone carriers offer only two options: a single subsidised or a full upfront plan. These plans don’t give you the same flexibility as Fido, where you can choose cheaper monthly plan prices that can be more suitable for you.


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What Do the Plans Offer?

The Fido plans are appealingly competitive when compared to those offered by the competition. Fido offers high data usage plans, and you can get $5 off for local calls only. Fido Pulse is a great option for smartphone users, since it extends the basic plan inclusions with some handy extras.

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  • Free Spotify Music
  • Caller ID
  • Free Voicemail
  • Circle Call – which lets you call numbers on your account for free

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