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I Still Miss My Blackberry

I Still Miss My Blackberry

Over a year ago, my Fido agreement up for renewal. My Blackberry was out of date so I decided on an iPhone. With all the talk of the problems at Blackberry and the social pressure getting an iPhone,  I renewed with the iPhone 4S (albeit, an iPhone 4s, not the latest and greatest but it was free with renewal of my Fido Plan).  I had always loved my Blackberry but most people were using iPhone and I was afraid of falling behind the times so made the decision, signed up for my new plan, and a day later regretted it. Ugh, it took a while to get used to it and even then I was not happy. When I had my Blackberry I loved it and mainly because of the ease of navigation, reliable OS and the keyboard.

To give some history on my feelings about Apple, I have always been a Windows person but at times wondered if I should be an Apple person. This was not because Apple was better, but I would be in coffee shops see those beautiful laptops and felt they looked more sophisticated than my little Acer and Apple users always sang the praises of their Apple computers. I have always used a Windows operating system for laptops and Linux OS for servers and was never a fan of Apple due to proprietary software and the huge expense of both the laptop computers and software. My cell phone was Blackberry,  it has the Blackberry OS but more affordable. I stuck to my guns for a long time and did not give in until the renewal of my Fido plan and got an Apple product, yup, I went to the other side and found the grass was not greener. It’s quirky, difficult to navigate and I miss the Blackberry keyboard. I’m not alone, many of my die hard blackberry friends went to the other side too and did not like their Apple iPhone. I have a client (also a good friend) and a few weeks ago spilled coffee on her Blackberry, her business partner bought her an Apple iphone, and she refused to use it, she posted on Facebook for weeks how much she missed her Blackberry and wanted it back.  She finally got her Blackberry working and was ecstatic.

Blackberry’s operating system is solid and reliable. Although Blackberry offers smartphones without the keyboard like the Z10 and Z30, the new Blackberry 10 features the much loved keyboard. I am still a BlackBerry fan and for my next smartphone, it will be a Blackberry 10 and I think I have Apple out of my system.

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