Home Phone is Still the Best Choice for Reliability

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Home Phone is Still the Best Choice for Reliability

The choice of telecommunication media affects anyone’s life. You can choose to depend completely on cell-phones or you can keep your home phone or  voip phone lines. It’s usually better to keep both for an uninterrupted connection with our near and dear ones. When we talk about reliability, home phone is obviously still the best choice. Let’s see why.

Reliability is something that is related to the quality and scope of service. If a service is offered to you but it cannot meet your needs properly and fully, then you cannot rely on that service of course. If you want to set up a security system at your home or your office, you would want this system to alert you in time. Implementing this feature with mobile phones is very much complex, even sometimes a failure, as mobile phones largely depends on the availability of its network. Sometimes this network fails when we stay inside a closed room. During natural disasters, the mobile phone networks totally break down. Home phones are more reliable than the mobile phones in this case. It has such architecture that can support triggering of alarms in an emergency situation. The implementation of GPS or Global Positioning System is so strong in the home phones that it’s quite easy to locate a person contacting with a home phone. This is why calling 911 requires that you have a home phone that you call from.

Another concern of reliability that hits us is the quality of voice transmission. We cannot rely on mobile phones fully in this regard. Weak mobile networks cause us to suffer from dropped calls and poor voice quality. Home phones are free from this problem as they consistently provide good quality of voice data. The connection lines for home phones are maintained by the phone companies with supreme priority, so there is less chance for a connection failure.

A very important aspect of home phones is that they will continue their service even if there is no electricity because home phones don’t depend on electricity. If you use only a mobile phone, you cannot communicate with anybody if your home electricity is down and the mobile phone battery has no charge in it. This also makes sure that the connection is not cut down in the middle of your conversations.

The reliability of home phone & voip phone is also confirmed by the fact that ordinary people can’t intercept your calls easily. It would need some experts to do so. Thus we can see how reliable home phones can be.

 Reasons to Keep Your Home Phone

We are sometimes so caught up about the newest technologies that we tend to overlook whats truly important so here are reasons to keep home phone plans. Take cell phones for example. It’s quite a hit in the market and there are only a few people who don’t have one. Some people even have more than one cell-phone but what about the old-fashioned landline that you used for many years or the voip phone that has its style? Are those only extra devices now? No way. Home Phone & Voip Phone are still quite useful for everyone. Let us show you some reasons why.

  1. The most important usability that your home phone gives you is the support in an emergency situation. If you have 911 emergency support system enabled in your area, then you can only avail it by a landline because the emergency team can see your address and position by this phone. If you’re living in a skyscraper, then only this phone can track your apartment. Many security systems use landlines as the key part of the system architecture because landlines have some special capabilities included to alarm you.
  2. Another security problem that your home phones solve is the intercepting problems. When you use cell-phones, they communicate via some radio waves and wireless technology. It’s easy for someone to intercept these conversations by a simple scanner or recorder.
  3. If any power failure occurs in your area, you may suffer from not having charge in the battery of your cell phone. But your home phones are still active because they don’t need power to operate. Even the operating stations have power backups to keep the system running.
  4. Ever thought about the health risk that your cell-phones might cause by the radiation they generate? Well, you might have read already some news about the research by some people that says cell phones might be the cause of cancer or a critical disease in the long run. Home phones are completely safe in this regard.
  5. When you use cell-phones, you might have suffered from the ups and downs of network strengths which provided a disturbed conversation. Maybe sometimes, you didn’t hear clearly from the other side. Your home phone & voip phone provide a completely reliable service that have strong signals all the time.

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