Freedom Mobile: Review, Best Plans and More…

Freedom Mobile: Review, Best Plans and More…

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Communication is vital no matter where you live or what you do.

Freedom Mobile has been in the telecom field since 2008 and has consistently provided affordable plans and great value services.

Good communication relies on telecommunication coverage with a strong signal. With over 1.2 million users, Freedom Mobile is the 4th largest mobile network provider in Canada. Areas covered include the populated zones of Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

Freedom Mobile’s coverage in Canada

Freedom Mobile has excellent coverage, stretching to the US as well. Its mobile broadband speeds reach up to 21.1 Mbits/s and are now upgraded to double that figure. Thanks to strong signal strength and excellent quality, the network covers about 98% of Canadian territory.

Freedom Mobile’s network

Freedom Mobile’s network makes use of Advanced Wireless Services bands and the advanced HSPA system, which enables good network quality, along with high-speed internet.

Currently, the network provider offers 4G services with broadband speeds up to 42Mbps. It previously offered 3G services, along with other network providers, and was the first high-speed wireless connection gateway for mobile users. The introduction of HSPA+ has changed its course.

Buying your own SIM card with Freedom Mobile

Freedom Mobile has different requirements for different users. In the case of prepaid customers, a SIM card can be purchased online. Postpaid customers will need to visit their nearest franchise.

Bringing your Freedom Mobile phone to any franchise makes the whole process easier. You can quickly obtain all the information you need and discover your phone compatibility by entering your IMEI number.

Freedom Mobile – tethering

Data services are also included for convenient connectivity – tailored individually to customer’s needs.

Save some cash with Freedom Mobile!

You can save up to $120 by bringing in your own phone, whether you’re a postpaid or prepaid customer. The plan originally is $10 x 12 months on the Big Gig Plan and also on the Big Gig+ Everywhere Canada Plan. You can also save on the Home 40 Plan, which includes $10 x 6 months.

Freedom Mobile plans: Big Gig, Big Gig+ Everywhere and Home Only plans

Freedom Mobile’s Big Gig plans enable customers to access more data for less with no penalties for data overages.

The Big Gig+ plans give customers access to home data and data on Freedom’s away network. Canada-wide and U.S. calling on the home network is included in the cost of the plan, along with Canada and U.S. minutes on Freedom’s away network.

Freedom’s Home only plans offer cost-effective options to enable you to stay connected on our home network.

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Postpaid Prepaid

cloudTalk TimePay Per Use

wifiData10 GB


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cloudTalk TimeUnlimited

wifiData5 GB


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