Free Smartphone – What’s The Catch?

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You want the latest and greatest iPhone or Blackberry and you are wondering, how much for the cell phones?   The options are; you can purchase it outright or pay 0 or very little money to get the phone by signing up for a term plan with the cell phone carrier company. The draw of a free smartphone is tempting, but what’s the catch?  How can a company give away a $700 phone for free? 

Purchase the Smart Phone or Cell Phone - With this option, there are a few advantages and one is you will save money and you don’t have to sign a long term contract and cell phone plans have great cell and smart phones.  Suppose you purchase the phone and decide to change phone carriers, the only cost to you is unlocking your phone so you can go to the other company, no penalties.  Another option is to get it on a tab.  Tabs are available with Koodo, Wind and Virgin and you pay all but an amount ranging from $100 – 300, on a tab and pay monthly, if you decide to leave the company, you just have to pay the remaining cost of the phone and can walk away with a phone and not have to pay a large penalty by breaking the cell phone plan. 

Get the Phone on a Cell Phone Plan – Free Smartphone - What's the catch?  If you’re wondering how wireless companies can give away a $700 phone for free, or what the catch is, it's the Cell Phone Plan.  When you sign up with a plan, the company is guaranteed a paying each month from a customer for 1, 2 or 3 years, and if the customer wants to drop out, they still get a lot of money on the penalty for breaking on contract as you will pay for the remainder of the phone.  Also, if you're wondering how they can offer such a great deal, Cell Phone companies get volume discounts so the cost they pay for the phone is a fraction of the retail price.  Getting a phone unit on  Cell Phone plans Toronto or Canada is good if you don’t have the money to purchase a cell phone upfront and you pay over a period of time.