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What is FlexHousing and what are the benefits?

What is FlexHousing and what are the benefits?

One definition of being flexible is “responsive to change or adaptable”. As we age, our housing needs change and our home can become difficult to manage. This common problem among Canadian seniors or Canadians with disabilities can be distressing. Seniors and those with disabilities prefer to live in our own homes for as long as possible, and should have that same privilege other Canadians have. One approach by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is FlexHousing. FlexHousing is an an approach to designing homes that are versatile and flexible, and can be adapted to meet the varying and changing needs of a household. FlexHousing will adapt easily and is more affordable to meet the needs of all ages and abilities and makes it possible for people to stay in their homes through the later stages in their life, without having to undertake costly renovations or move to another home. It’s a practical approach allowing residents to convert space to meet their changing needs and is based on the principles of adaptability, accessibility, affordability and healthy housing.

FlexHousing is adaptable, accessible, efficient and designed with future needs and preferences in mind and can accommodate changes in your life. Changes can be made to a home that is currently not adaptable, but renovation costs can prove costly and disruptive. FlexHousing™ has tremendous benefits for homeowners and is easy to build into any brand new home. Pre-planning at the design stage means less renovation and cost for the future. To find out more, download the FlexHousing PDF Pocket Planner.

If you are planning on buying a home, look into FlexHousing and talk to your mortgage broker about financing options to find best mortgage rates.

To find information on making your home accessible, CMHC provides some great information for you and your caregiver. There are fact sheets, check lists and guides to show you ways to adapt your home to meet your changing needs. Talk to your broker about tax rebates, refinancing and low mortgage rates if you are thinking about renovations.