Distributel launches video streaming app in partnership with MobiTV

Distributel launches video streaming app in partnership with MobiTV

In Canada, the average adult spends close to four hours a day watching TV. While you might think this happens at home while they’re in front of their set, this happens everywhere. As we get further into smartphones and new electronics, video streaming is transforming. A TV screen use to be the hub, but not anymore. Video streaming is moving onto apps, and now – apps can be used everywhere. A growing number of users are using their phones and tablets to watch their shows and movies. Distributel and MobiTV are joining forces to give their Canadian customers access to IPTV from everywhere. 

Distributel is a telecommunications provider based out of Canada. In 1988, the company was established, and they began offering their services to businesses and residents throughout Canada. A powerhouse in the country, Distributel is not only 100% Canadian-owned, but it’s the leading national distributer in Canada. With their services being provided by Zazeen Inc., they’re based out of Quebec and Ontario. 

Distributel ELITE TV

Get more premier sports, family and entertainment channels

  • More than 50 channels included
  • Included TSN, Sportsnet, and more
  • Great mix of sports, movies and programming
  • All channel add-ons available

$50 per month

You can consider MOBITV the problem solver to all video issues in the market. They work with Pay TV operators to launch apps idea for use on all smart devices whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or TV. MOBITV can help offer live IPTV, cable TV, on-demand TV and movies, and DVR on every device. Because of these reasons, this is why Distributel and MOBITV are a match made in streaming heaven for their Canadian customers.

TV can be expensive, and these new streaming capabilities are the future. While they’re ideal since you can stream them from everywhere, this will also help you save money. Both companies are looking to offer their customers with less expensive options. 

The platform will be very user friendly. It’ll allow users to customize their experience from what content is displayed to the design. While also being user friendly, this is where the cost-effectiveness comes into play. A lot of current providers require different fees. There’s a fee for setting up. There’s a fee for whatever hardware you need. The platform established by Distributel and MOBITV won’t require this because with an app, you won’t need any additional set up. 

Since Distrbutel is based out of Ontario and Quebec, these two areas can expect the platform to launch their first. If you live outside these areas, don’t worry. The two companies plan on expanding to the rest of the country in the near future.