Construction Mortgage: Building Your Own Home

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The world of mortgage can be quite tricky, and norms for getting a new loan for construction in Canada are fought with multiple challenges. So if you are in Canada how do you obtain construction mortgage with much ado and yet manage the best deal?

The Primary Possibilities for Your Construction Mortgage

Here is a brief lowdown on potential construction mortgage options in Canada:

Self-Build Home: This is a situation when a person acts as their own contractor for any construction activity. You can obviously hire as many sub-contractors as required to complete the work. The main mortgage options available for this type of construction include:

  • The Progress Draw Mortgage
  • Completion Mortgage

Both these mortgages facilitate an individual to go about providing resources to complete the house of their dreams in tranches.

A Self-Build Mortgage: This is exactly what it says. This kind of loan is required by those who plan to finance their own construction activity. The money will be released in tranches. The initial installment is generally to buy the land. After that funds are released in separate slabs depending on the various stages of construction that the house might be in.

Contract with Builder/Contractor: This is a kind of arrangement when you sign a pact with a contractor to build your house. The builder will then make requests for financing draws. The Progress Draw Mortgage is a situation where the mortgage player releases finances on step by step progress in construction and Completion Mortgage is relatively long-term.

Buying from Builder: Buying houses directly from the builder can be quite simple but the point is how well financed will be your deal then. Well as a buyer you will need the funds only when the construction is complete. This kind of mortgages can be applied for homes, townhomes, and even condominiums. Prospective buyers can easily discuss with a Mortgage Centre Specialist and get a quick assessment of the property as well the buyer’s credit situation. The specialist will review the overall deal and get you the best possible option available.


Overall, ways to obtain construction mortgage in Canada is all about making the right choices and going with proper review option. Therefore the need to get the professional guide is extremely important. Another key requisite is to be alert, agile and pro-active in terms of applying as well as following up on your mortgage needs.

Check on your options to get the best construction mortgage rates before starting on building your own home.

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