Comparing the Top Three Cell Phone Providers in Canada (Bell Vs Rogers Vs Telus)

comparison of top cell phone plan providers
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The market for internet and data related services in Canada have been of great importance in the whole global economy. Hence, many companies and worldwide brands have made an attempt to make their presence felt in these areas. As a result, the customers of Canada today, have access to a numerous and wide range of services and offers provided by different companies. Here we will present a comparison of top cell phone plan providers.

The three giants in the Canadian market

The market of internet and communication in Canada can be seen to be dominated by a total of three huge enterprises. They are namely, Bell, Rogers, and Telus. All three of these companies have been providing great services and is well deserved for their success.

The Bell is the internet providing company in Canada with the largest network of fiber cable and a fast internet connection. Rogers is another brand which has high-speed internet plans at reasonable rates. Then there is also the Telus internet which is a part of the major brand name, Telus communications. All these companies or internet service providers have provided top class services to the customers with exceptional quality and care.


Data packs (GB)








Comparison of Top Cell Phone Plan Providers Based on Data Rates

When you buy a brand new phone you make a preferred choice of the brand or the make without much hesitation and with a lot of thinking. But do you ever think of which telephone service provider you must opt to get the best experience? In most of the cases, people just randomly select an option from some popular providers.

If you are based in Canada, you will probably go for any of the three major giants in the area of telecommunications. Rogers, Bell, or Telus. Of these Rogers is the most established and largest, but the other ones also are not so far behind in terms of the quality and advancements in the services provided. So, this selection can be quite a difficult one for us, ordinary customers. Here is the comparison of top cell phone plan providers based on usage.

1 GB plans

The best service based on the internet facility provided can be selected by looking at their basic plans and data usage tariffs. So firstly, we can consider the 1GB plans of these three companies. The most used LTE and the corresponding services are charged around 90$ by all these providers and a specific selection would be impossible to do with this kind of data. Telus seem to offer a small discount in BYO services.

2 GB plans

As 1 GB plans are not ideal for most people with internet usages beyond social media and browsing plans with 2.5 GB data limit needs to be considered for comparison. All three again offer the same rates of 100$ on these packages and just like in the previous case, Telus offers a 5$ discount on BYO services when compared to the other two. 

Heavier plans of 4 to 9 GB

For heavier internet usages, we have plans with data limits of 4/5 GB and further 7/9 GB. These packages also offer you with a lot more freedom and let tension when using the internet in a more lavish way. With these packages acquired, you can go about streaming videos or music on a daily basis. You can also stream high-quality movies or even download them to your device. Out of the three companies, Telus offers only 4GB services while the other two offers 5GB services. It is important to note that the price variation is only a mere 5$ and thus Telus is somewhat providing a poor offer to the customers when it comes to bigger plans.

The case is different when it comes to 9GB plans. Here the brand of Rogers alone provides 9GB data limit while the other two have limits set at 7GB. This can be advantageous and disadvantageous at the same time. As the 2GB extra data provided by Rogers is charged at a very low amount, 5$ it clearly provided its customer with a better package when it comes to data allowances.





Rogers (1 to 9 GB)




Telus (1 to 7 GB)




Bell(1 to 7 GB)




If you are someone always on the go and a heavy data user, you might want to consider unlimited data cell phone plans.


Although this brief and narrow study are found to conclude Rogers communications as a winner, there are other aspects that need to be considered before making a choice among cell phone plans. You need to look into the details the comparison of top cell phone plan providers in your locality and the speed and steady nature of the services provided at those places you would most likely be the major part of the day.