Comparing the Best Prepaid Cell Phone Service Providers in Canada

prepaid cell phone plans
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Comparing the Best Prepaid Cell Phone Service Providers in Canada

Cell phones are becoming increasingly important to everyone these days. Cell phones are not only used for calling people, but also for text messaging, internet browsing, social media and even mobile banking. If you are comparing the Best Prepaid Cell Phone Service Providers in Canada to find the best phone plan that suits your unique requirements, we are here to help!

If you don’t want to commit to paying a fixed monthly fee, getting a Prepaid cell phone plan would be an ideal choice. Depending upon your usage and requirement, a prepaid cell phone may work better for you, especially if you are looking for a no-contract cell phone plan

Prepaid Cell Phone Plans in Canada

Canadians enjoy a vast choice of cell phone plans with competitive prices and services. Before choosing a mobile plan it helps to compare different features such as unlimited talk time, free evening & weekend calling, long distance calling, data included etc.

Click here for some pros and cons of getting prepaid cell phone plans

Below are some of the prepaid cell phone plans available in Canada to compare:

FIDO Prepaid Plans


  • Fido prepaid plans are available with text, talk or data. There is no credit check and no commitment.
  • Fido offers Prepaid plans By the Month, By the Day or Buy the Minute. Choose the plan that suits your requirement best.
  • Fido prepaid plan starts from as low as $15.75/month so you don’t have to worry about high monthly fees.
  • All Fido prepaid plans include Voice Messaging, Call Display, and Call Waiting
  • You can buy a SIM for a one-time charge of $10. Although SIM activation is free.

Virgin Mobile Prepaid Plans

  • Virgin Mobile offers flexible Pay Per Use prepaid plans for just 0.40c/minute if you prefer not to commit to a fixed monthly cost.
  • You can also opt for the hassle free Monthly Plan starting at just $15/month and get unlimited text messaging for Canada & US.
  • All Virgin Mobile prepaid plans come with Unlimited Incoming Text, Voicemail and Call Display.
  • Most Virgin prepaid mobile plans come with Unlimited weekends & evenings
  • The cost of a SIM card is just $4.99 and shipping is free.

Freedom Mobile Prepaid Phone

Freedom Mobile Logo

  • Formerly known as Wind Mobile, Freedom Mobile recently launched its LTE network in Toronto and Vancouver and will be expanding to other markets in 2017
  • Freedom Mobile has cell phone plans with a flat monthly fee with Freedom Talk & Text Plan for just $25/month.
  • Freedom Mobile lets you choose to Pay Before or Pay After depending on your preference. You can set a fixed monthly spending budget or be flexible.
  • Most Freedom phone plans include unlimited Canada-wide calling on the home network
  • SIM card cost is $10 upfront


Not sure how much data you need with your cell phone plan?

Having a smartphone without internet data is no fun! Below is a chart to help you compare internet plans based data included.

Compare Data for Cell Phone Plans:

Cell Phone Plan








Virgin Mobile




The above comparison helps you determine which the cheapest cell phone plan in the market, however, the needs of each user would be different. For example, some need more data as they are on the go. Whereas some users may need more airtime minutes for long distance calling. Compare cell phone plans based on your needs to find an ideal cell phone service provider in Canada.