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Canadian Price Comparison Website:,  Becomes the Newest Company to Join the Mars Fintech Cluster

30 Jan 2018 – Toronto, Ontario: The growing need for healthcare and medical services requires corporations big and small to do their bit. MaRS FinTech is a not-for-profit corporation operating out of Toronto. The corporation operates on a public-private model to facilitate medical research and technology. Founded in 2000, the company has raised billions of dollars in funding to further their cause over the past decade. recently joined MaRS FinTech as a partner to provide the support they require to carry on their good work.

CompareMyRates.Ca offers a unique service, i.e. they offer a one-stop price comparison portal for consumers throughout Canada. Their website provides pricing information and details about discounts and plans that the average consumer can use to save money on the services they use. CompareMyRates.Ca offers this information from a wide range of vendors, allowing consumers to select the right vendor as per their needs. The mission of the company is to help people and their partnership with MaRS FinTech is a step in that direction.

MaRS FinTech is a unique player in the medical research field, as they invite people from different walks of life to collaborate on coming up with ideas to provide healthcare solutions in an effective manner. Some of the professionals working under the MaRS FinTech umbrella are social scientists, educators, researchers, and even entrepreneurs. The corporation was founded by civic leaders and their mission is to fill the gap in the medical research domain, especially in areas where the government isn’t involved.

A spokesperson for stated, “At Compare My Rates, we are always seeking initiatives that we can back. We want to give back to the community in an effective and long-lasting manner and MaRS FinTech is the perfect platform to achieve that. We will be partnering with them. Our focus is on providing support but also receiving guidance from innovators in the field who are trying to change the game”.

MaRS FinTech emphasizes collaboration with and involvement of young entrepreneurs who want to make a social change. They are keen on inviting large corporations to provide the infrastructure where startups in this segment can thrive and grow and deliver the solutions that are necessary at this point in time. The impact of this venture is far-reaching, as they are not restricted to Canada alone. The focus is clear, i.e. to facilitate medical research in ways that other organizations are unable to.

CompareMyRates.Ca joins an ever-increasing number of supporters and partners that MaRS FinTech attracts from within Canada and overseas.  

About is a pioneer in rate comparison, offering a portal where consumers can compare prices of different providers for the service they are looking for. The website is a one-stop shop for comparing prices across Canada, offering pricing and other information thousands of providers throughout the country, ranging from mortgage to cell phones. You can learn more about through their website.