CompareMyRates.Ca Adds Home Monitoring System Comparison to Suite of Utilities

CompareMyRates.Ca Adds Home Monitoring System Comparison to Suite of Utilities

Canada’s premier price comparison site expands its offering for customers and vendors.

28 Jan 2018 – Toronto, Ontario: is Canada’s premier price comparison website, offering a unique service to customers and vendors alike. The company specializes in gathering pricing information and plans from service providers from across Canada, offering the plans that consumers can choose from directly on the website. offers rates for a range of service providers, from mortgage to internet plans. Consumers can conveniently compare the prices different companies charge and select one according to their preferences and budget. recently added to its suite of utilities by introducing a new home monitoring system comparison. Over the years, an increasing number of homeowners have invested in home monitoring security systems to enhance safety and protection. However, the wide variety of options available on the market can make it difficult for consumers to select the right one. Price is a pertinent factor and consumers should be able to choose one according to their budget. This is where comes in to make their life easier.

The new comparison module for home monitoring systems will feature pricing information for wireless home security systems, basic home security systems, and also security alarm for home. Consumers will be able to learn more about the cost of the best home security systems available today in Canada, including systems that offer 24-hour home monitoring. Information about discounts and deals will also be provided with time so that consumers can save money while enhancing the security of their homes. understands the importance of quality home monitoring solutions. The brand recommends homeowners to invest in a home monitoring system for the following reasons:

  1. Deter intruders from entering the property. This is important for owners of vacant properties, who want to keep squatters and vandals out
  2. The authorities receive an alert and respond quickly when the alarm is triggered
  3. The insurance premium will be lower for homes that have home monitoring systems installed
  4. Thieves and burglars think twice before attempting to enter a home that has cameras or signage indicating a home monitoring system is installed
  5. Businesses can also invest in these solutions to prevent intrusions makes it easier for homeowners to find an optimal solution according to their budget, with their new module.

A spokesperson for CompareMyRates.Ca stated, “At, we aim to be the one-stop shop for consumers who want to compare the prices from different service providers. Our new module adds a home monitoring system comparison, which will make it convenient for homeowners to decide on the appropriate home security alarm for their homes.”

The company is yet to reveal the details of the new module, but they will update their website in the near future. Also, they will announce the list of service providers for which they will be sharing prices and other information.

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