Best Cell Phone for Your Wireless Plan

Best Cell Phone for Your Wireless Plan

Are you ready to get a the new Samsung, iPhone or Blackberry to replace your old cell phone? Review and compare cell phones featured at and choose one that suits your wireless plan.

I recently looked at the features and specs of three phones.

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The moment you touch Apple’s iPhone, you realize you have never had the same experience before. For me, the 3D touch feature is the most amazing thing about the iPhone.

There is a reason why they consider the iPhone as the ideal choice for app fanatics. For example, iPhone 6s ($528.99 on a select 2-year Rogers cell phone plan) has a capacity of up to 128GB and can support more than enough apps.

Whether you are interested in iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, you will also be able to enjoy a myriad of other features including live photos, A9 chip, seamless design and faster LTE.



Are you looking for a Smartphone whose camera is near perfect? The Samsung Galaxy S6 ($150 on a 2-year TELUS plan) has a quick launch camera and relies on android technology.


I agree with anyone who says that a Samsung Smartphone is the gateway to having more done through innovative technology. Connectivity of the phone is excellent thanks to compatibility to 4G LTE, micro-USB and Wi-Fi. Other features to die for include full HD display and hearing aid compatibility.



If you are a texting maniac, get a Blackberry. The Blackberry Classic has a large QWERTY keyboard for a fantastic writing experience. For those willing to trade the keyboard for a screen, there is the Blackberry Leap and other options. There is one drawback with the Leap-the camera is pathetic.


I have come across Blackberry phones for PAYG, contract and no-contract plans from many providers in Canada. I liked their relevant features including 4G LTE compatibility, touch screen, Wi-Fi, and talk times of up to 1 day.


Wireless Plans

Talking of providers, there is the famous “big three” tag that refers to the largest wireless service carriers namely Rogers, Bell and TELUS. Can you call them a monopoly? Probably yes. Despite their business rivalry, the prices for plans have remained surprisingly high.


The plans include:


Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)

After a simple search on the internet, I was amazed to find that the three companies don’t bother to compete when it comes to PAYG plans. This can only mean one thing: this type of plan does not earn the companies good money.


Contract Plan

Most contracts in Canada last three years. This type of plan will usually come with a low cost or even free phone.

However, chances are that your phone will be way behind time by the time the contract expires. If you decide to get a new phone, it means you have to buy out of the contract. If say, you are on a contract worth $30 per month and with 8 months to go, you will have to pay $240 to cancel the contract. With such terms, is it really worth it to be in contract?


Tab Plan

If you are looking for flexibility, this is the ideal plan for you. This plan has come to fill a gap in the market. Virgin Mobile was offering a SuperTab plan at no-contract terms at the time I was writing this.

To get the best cell phone for your wireless plan, let help you compare cell phones.