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Compare Best Business VoIP Providers in Canada

Compare Best Business VoIP Providers in Canada

To integrate the office network and to enhance the efficiency of internal and external calls, most businesses (both small and large) subscribe to VoIP phone services. This also helps businesses cut down the high monthly phone bill while using traditional landline phones.

Identifying the best business VoIP provider can be tricky, but VoipReview has done the hectic part of the process. Through our team of experts in the VoIP industry, we have done a thorough market research and experiments on available VoIP solutions including collecting reviews from existing users of each solution to help you choose the best VoIP service for your business. We offer a comprehensive VoIP buying guide to businesses for free.

There are hundreds of VoIP providers offering an array of services including adding extensions and phone numbers among other solutions like Hosted PBX and SIP.

What is Business Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)?

Business VoIP refers to a phone system tailored to your specific company’s calling needs. It uses your broadband internet connections to dial or receive calls in place of traditional telephone lines and offers a number of features and flexibility within a small budget. Business VoIP plans are different from residential VoIP packages in that it focuses more on enterprise features and tools required for your business to thrive.

Business VoIP services include PBX phone system and innovative call management and efficiency features, which are considered as add-ons for traditional phone service providers. In addition, various Business VoIP solution providers offer the mobility and flexibility for your business. Comparing between landline and VoIp plans, and you will realize the difference in features and price.

What is Private Branch Exchange (PBX)?

A PBX is special a phone switching system and a phone network that routes outbound and inbound calls. It enables small and large businesses to manage calls to outside users. This involves transmitting both inbound and outbound calls in addition to routing calls between office extensions. If you have multiple users (extensions) in your office, a PBX system is an ideal solution for you. However, a legacy PBX system is a bit expensive and attracts other additional costs such as storage, manual operation, installation and maintenance costs. It could cost over $20,000.

In the market today, there is a wide range of IP PBX systems that will improve your office phone system. Most VoIP providers include the charges for a basic hosted-PBX in the basic VoIP plan.

In the recent past, most SMEs prefer Virtual and Hosted PBXs in order to cut down on the monthly phone bill. A hosted PBX is a full system ran by your VoIP service provider at their data center, hence your business is saved from the costs of purchasing the equipment and maintenance. On the other hand, a virtual PBX is a system hosted in the cloud over the internet. The two PBX systems operate normally like the legacy PBX system for 50% the cost. Through the two PBX solutions, you will save money, manpower (technician) and space. In that way, it’s easy to setup VoIP for your business.

You can still have the physical PBX machine and use a digital PBX (IP PBX) software or hardware which allows VoIP calling, but the cost of this kind of a solution is way too high compared to virtual or hosted PBX.

Business VoIP Plans Features

Compared to landline phone systems, VoIP phones have a lot more features. A business VoIP plan offers numerous features which include:

  • Call waiting.
  • Conference call services.
  • Group paging.
  • E911.
  • No disturbance.
  • Hunt group.
  • Auto attendant.
  • Phone number portability.
  • Caller ID.
  • Voicemail.
  • Virtual extensions.
  • Music-on-Hold.
  • Dial-by-name.
  • Simultaneous ring.
  • Find-Me & Follow-Me.

Most of the features come at no extra cost. It is always good to confirm from the provider about all the extra features included in their plans. You should also check add-on features and their prices.

Top 3 Best Business VoIP Plans

VoIP Much Business Phone Service

  • No Contracts
  • Local Free Zone
  • Free Canada Calling Free Canada Calling
  • Free USA Calling Free USA Calling
  • Keep your Existing Number
  • Incoming Local Number 
  • Over 30 Free Calling Features

ThinkTel Business Solutions

  • Unlimited usage
  • Up to 10 Mbps download speed
  • 1 Mbps upload speed
  • 1 dynamic IP
  • WiFi enabled modem & VOIP ATA included
  • Dry loop included
  • Call Forwarding, Call Waiting
  • Voicemail
  • Unlimited minutes North America calling*

Vonage Small Business Unlimited

Unlimited¹ talk to more than 60 countries for one low price, with a plan that lets you make and receive calls on your home phone and two smartphones using our app.

  • Unlimited¹ local and long distance calls to landlines & mobiles in Canada, the U.S. and Puerto Rico
  • Vonage® Extensions® App – extend your calling plan to your mobile phone at no extra charge
  • Dedicated Fax line included. *Dedicated Fax line includes 500 minutes, then 4.9¢/minute
  • Low international rates to call other countries not included in this plan