Canada’s 5G Network Gets $400 Million Investment

Canada’s 5G Network Gets $400 Million Investment

5G internet technology is taking the world by storm, but who will become global leader?

There’s a race to the finish line and the government of Canada is trying its best to claim 5G global leadership.

Canada’s government has therefore begun a joint venture with Quebec and Ontario to start a 5-year private-public investment plan aimed at growing middle-class vacancies in the field of 5G technology.

This $400 million investment will operate under a project called ENCQOR (Evolution of Networked Services via a Corridor in Quebec and Ontario for Research and Innovation). It’s expected to create around 4,000 jobs, including 1,800 5G related vacancies in the IT sector.

Investing in technology and innovation will also help to establish Canada’s position as a global technology leader.

What is 5G?

5G is super fast and offers a noticeably quicker download speed than current 4G infrastructure.

We expect to see a huge increase of around 700% in mobile and internet-based devices from 2016 to 2021, meaning 5G will be required to keep up with the heavy traffic load.

According to Ontario’s Minister of Research, Innovation and Science, Reza Moridi, fast-paced technology is crucial to help us expand our research, innovation and employment-related horizons. Ultimately, new technology will help transform our lives for the better.

With the growing popularity of smart home products and smart city projects, 5G technology will enable sustainable communication and connection.

More about the ENCQOR Project

The ENCQOR project involves 5 global technology innovators:

  • Ciena Canada,
  • Ericsson,
  • Thales Canada,
  • CGI, and;
  • IBM Canada.

These companies and SMEs will link their research efforts to help develop and test 5G throughout Quebec and Ontario. This will provide uninterrupted access to technologies like silicon photonics, big-data analysis, programmable broadband networks, and cloud computing.

This broad public and private sector venture will help to combine the many talents of both sectors. The ultimate 5G network will see:

  • Ciena offering wired solutions,
  • Ericsson Canada providing wireless broadband,
  • Thales Canada focusing on mobility and smart cities,
  • CGI providing smart grid solutions and services, and;
  • IBM Canada offering components for next-generation networks.

The federal government will fund $200 million for each side, with the remaining equity provided by the companies, investors and shareholders.

The Canadian government’s Strategic Innovation Fund will provide funding from its $1.26 billion in reserves for the joint project. Province based coordinators for the ENCQOR project include CEFRIO, OCE (Ontario Centers of Excellence), and Prompt.

TELUS, Bell and Rogers, Canada’s dominant telecommunication companies, are trialling their own 5G networks, but these 5G services aren’t forecast to be available until 2020.

Conclusion: 5G technology is a game changer…

5G technology is the future. The ENCQOR project will be a game changer for Canada’s technological innovation and provide a real boost for our economy. We’ll keep you posted with developments…