Cable TV subscription – How to make the most of it?

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For Getting the Most Out of Your Cable TV subscription, evaluate the current Cable TV services offered in the area first and then look for ways to combine those services when comparing against current services.

This will provide a basis for the next step in getting the most out of your subscription with cable. Having set goals will help achieve getting the most out of the Cable TV subscription, such as lower payments, more channels, or an extended promotional rate. The next step is to reach out to the service provider and to begin the process or art of negotiation. Remember what the goals are and what kind of services you’re willing to accept to achieve this best tv service plan.

In a Consumer Reports survey, 46 percent indicated when they sought and received a lower monthly rate that in many cases, the bill was up to $50 less per month. The savings can be achieved by different options, starting with asking for a lower rate to combining services into double or triple play Cable TV packages. Besides looking to lower the monthly rate TV options, another option is to negotiate for extending expiring or expired promotional rates which 44 percent of respondents to a Consumer Report reported being successful.

Cable TV Providers in Canada

To get the best results, explain to customer service the costs are too high for the service and you’re unhappy paying more. This may require a further step of including a cancellation date to improve the chances of getting an extension. 

Having explored the two ways of lowering the price or getting an extension on a current, there’s a couple other options to explore. The first is getting more channels with the cable service and in many cases, this could be the first offer given out.

This might include offering more channels for the same price while throwing in a three-month premium channel subscription. In the same survey they found, 16 percent had indicated they were able to get discounted or free equipment by simply mentioning TV Plan promotions from other competitors. offers the best way to get the Most Out of Your Cable TV subscription by allowing you to compare by province, TV Connection Type, Channels and Plan Features to give you the best selection of Cable TV and video-on-demand subscriptions.

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