Top 10 Unlimited Data Mobile Plans in Canada

Top 10 Unlimited Data Mobile Plans in Canada

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Canadian’s love for mobile data is fierce. It’s so potent that some use up all the data on their cell phone plan every month. Depending on the data provider, going over the plan results to additional charges – which can be steep – or suffer through an agonizingly slow connection. An excellent solution to this problem would be unlimited cell phone plans.

For a lot of people, having unlimited cell phone data is more a priority than the standard text-and-talk plan. Apps that let users text, talk, and do video calls over the internet – like Skype, WhatsApp, and Facetime – make unlimited data more convenient for consumers. Also, having unlimited data means you can use your phone to go online anywhere, anytime.

Now, comparing unlimited cell phone plans is a must. It’s important to know the options you have before deciding which plan will work best for your needs – or if you actually need unlimited data in the first place. An average user consumes about 6 GB of data each month. If you’re an average user – one who uses mobile data for casual web surfing, emailing and social media engagement – you don’t have to get unlimited data. If you’re a streamer, on the other hand, this is the best plan for you.

How “Unlimited” are Unlimited Data Phone Plans?

Unlimited mobile data is not as limitless as you may think. Depending on the carrier, when you use up a certain amount of data, you’ll be deprioritized. This is the phase when your data stream slows down.

Accordingly, it’s imperative that you check and understand what carriers refer to when they advertise their “unlimited data plan.” There’s always a limit to it. When you exceed the monthly cap –  which is quicker than most people think – deprioritization happens.

You’re still able to stream videos, upload clips, or use the data in general, but not as fast as you’d like, and definitely not in HD. The good thing is, it’s pretty hard to reach that point where a network carrier takes away a consumer’s streaming capability on an unlimited cell phone plan. So in a way, unlimited data is still “unlimited,” but with restrictions.

But this isn’t always the case. A few years back, unlimited plans were truly limitless. In 2010, mobile carriers ended up selling too many smartphones – more than what they’ve projected. Because they didn’t think they’d sell out cell phones, their offer of unlimited data per smartphone pretty much exploded. Everyone wanted to have limitless phone data.

The thing is, networks only have limited capacity. When there are too many users going online simultaneously, the connection gets congested, and the data eventually drops-out. A slow to a non-existent internet connection from a supposed unlimited phone plan guarantees unhappy customers.

This is the reason carriers have pulled back on their unlimited plans. Today, they offer tiers of data with monthly caps and excess charges. When you sign up for unlimited cell phone data today, you’re able to pick from the cell phone data plans the carrier has, but with certain conditions.

Who Needs Unlimited Mobile Data?

Smartphones are used for various reasons. Some need their phone to stay connected with their loved ones. Others use their phones as a work device. There are also people who whip out their smartphones to engage on social media or play online. The data you need depends on how you use your phone on a daily basis. You need unlimited data if you’re a:

  • Heavy User

If your phone is an extension of your day-to-day life, then unlimited data is best for you. You’re a heavy user if you use your smartphone for just about anything. It’s your work device. It’s also your social gadget. It’s likely that you also use your phone to play online games. The average student usually fits into this category, so you can check some student cell phone plans too.

  • Streamer

Get an unlimited plan if you use your phone to stream movies or music all the time. If you’re someone who has mobile Netflix access, a 2 GB or 4 GB plan per month won’t work. You’re also considered a streamer if you play Spotify or Pandora all day long or watch YouTube videos endlessly.

  • Traveler

When you go all around Canada or overseas all the time, you’ll need constant internet connection to access your emails. With unlimited data, you’ll have tethering and hotspot options. You don’t have to rely on public connections anymore when you’re working away from the office or are having a grand vacation.

How to Get Unlimited Phone Data

Comparing plans is the first thing you need to do. has a tool that can make the process easy and fast. It’s important to do the comparative analysis so you can get your money’s worth. Also, it’s the best way to evaluate if you actually need an unlimited plan or not, and if you do, which plan suits your needs and budget.

There are three standard types of unlimited cell phone plans: postpaid, prepaid, and mobile hotspot.

  • Postpaid Plan

This is a mobile phone plan with a recurring monthly cycle. Payment for the plan is also per month. The postpaid unlimited plan is your ideal choice if you use a lot of data, but don’t want to break down the usage to gigabytes. It’s likely that you’re also already aware of the kind of user you are – heavy or streamer.

  • Prepaid Plan

Prepaid unlimited data is less expensive than postpaid if you’re able to get the phone and prepaid plan at the same time. The best thing about an unlimited prepaid plan is you’re not tied to a contract. A credit check is also unnecessary. You don’t even have to pay for an activation fee. The only downside to this plan is you have to shell out cold cash when you buy the device.

  • Mobile Hotspot

Unlimited option for the mobile hotspot plan is best if you need a WiFi connection all the time. This happens when you travel a lot, or you have an unstable internet connection at home.

Most unlimited cell phone plans are bundled with text-and-talk unlimited features. Check and compare carriers to see if you can find a provider that offers discounted rates for talk or text time when you prioritize mobile data in the tier.

3 Examples of the Best Cell Phone Plans with Unlimited Data

These are 5 examples of unlimited mobile data plans so you can get an idea for the pricing and stats of such plans.


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cloudTalk TimeUnlimited

How to Choose Which Carrier Has the Best Unlimited Data Plan for You

Selecting a carrier is arguably the trickiest part of choosing which unlimited plan works best for you. Network coverage varies – some from block to block, others even just from building to building. It’s important you check the status of network providers in your neighborhood. provides tools to make this task fast and easy. You can sort the information you need by location, by payment type, by providers, and by coverage maps.

The site has details on network capacities and consistencies. For faster and easier comparison, also has a list of the top ten unlimited cell phone plans in Canada.

If you play online video games, stream music or videos on your phone, and use social media all the time, unlimited mobile data is the way to go. Look for a plan that also offers a generous text-and-talk usage, so you get the best of both worlds. Before choosing a plan, it’s important you compare carriers’ rates and features. It’s also important to compute your monthly text, talk, and data usage. This way, you’ll have an idea how much data you truly need.

To find the best unlimited cell phone plan for you, use comparison tool here.


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