Best Unlimited Internet Plans and Service Providers in Canada

Best Unlimited Internet Plans and Service Providers in Canada

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Before we look at how you should select an internet plan, let’s take a closer look at what unlimited bandwidth actually means. Well, the speed or rate at which data packets travel to and from your device or server is known as the bandwidth.

unlimited internetSo as the name suggests, unlimited bandwidth allows you to send and receive as much data as you want in a specified period of time. Sending and receiving data includes data you upload and download from the internet.

There are internet service providers out there that do have strict policies regarding the amount of bandwidth you can use in a month. Be aware that you will be charged extra if you go over your allowed bandwidth limit.

Some internet service providers restrict bandwidth at certain hours of the day. For example, they might offer unlimited bandwidth only at night and you might need to keep a close eye on your video streaming and downloads for the rest of the day.

How much data do you really need?

The amount of data you need depends on how much internet you use. If you are a heavy user and need to stay connected to the web for personal, or business internet use, you might consider switching to unlimited data packages.

You need to choose an internet service provider you are comfortable with. More importantly, the company should provide the services you’re looking for. Some companies restrict the amount of data included in your package depending on the monthly cost. So if you prefer video streaming and lots of downloading, you need to use an internet plan with high data usage.

On the other hand, if you want to use the internet for casual browsing or checking out social media, you can do well with  a cheaper internet plan with a lighter bandwidth.

Please use the calculator below to analyze your data usage

Internet Data Usage Calculator

Tell us what you use the internet most for?

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