Best Student Cell Phone Plans Canada

Best Student Cell Phone Plans Canada

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Student Cell Phone Plans are gaining popularity in Canada. With the ever-increasing amount of Phone Apps, students need to have a new device but with a cell phone plan, they can afford.  To be social, students need a good cell phone for texting, online games and communication, also as some move away to College or University, being able to connect with family and friends at home can be vital to some.  At, we will look at some great options for the Best Cell Phone Plans for Students.

Here is a list of Carriers that provide the cheapest Student Cell Phone Plans available in Canada

Best Student Cell Phone Plans in Canada

For Students, the pressure to get the next best thing in cell phones or keep up with their peer group with cell phones and technology can become stressful, especially if they are on a limited budget.  Even if they don’t have that pressure, students want to have all the bells and whistles, but for many students, they are usually financially unable to afford them.  Another issue is no credit history, so that makes purchasing a plan impossible unless you get someone to co-sign for you.

Also as technology has advanced many College Courses require you to have the best devices and technology, even if you are not in a technical/IT course.  If you they have decided to go into IT, Communications or Marketing, the pressure is on to know what’s coming and be aware of the latest technology, devices, gaming and social media.

Put it on my Tab

What is a tab?  Smartphones are expensive to purchase outright and as a student, you don’t want to get locked into a contract because of a, it would not be affordable and b, you don’t want the pressure of a long-term contract, but can you purchase a cell phone or smartphone with the expensive price tag?  Enter putting your phone on a tab.  There are a few companies that allow you to run a tab and the tab plan names are Virgin Mobile, Public Mobile, and Koodo Tab.

How it works

You purchase a great phone from one of the ISP’s, put $150 (some have more and could be up to $300 off) on your tab so that is taken off the price of the phone, you then talk your way out of tab until the tab is paid off.  The great thing about this is anytime you want to walk away from the prepaid, you can and just have to pay for the price of the phone. 

Speak Out Sim Card

A speak out the sim card from 7/11 allows you to use the card in any unlocked GSM 850/1900MHz, HSPA handset or Speakout Alcatel 356 phone.   With the Sim Card, you can purchase a voucher or get on one of their inexpensive Prepaid plans.

Low-Cost Prepaid Plans for students

Prepaid, no contract plans are great because they do not require credit history and you don’t need to get locked into a long-term contract.  Most prepaid plans work with some of the best cell/smartphones Some great low-cost prepaid plans on Wind, Public Mobile, 7 11 and Fido.  Walmart also has some great no contract, prepaid phones at a discounted price.

Why Compare student cell phone plans?

Why get stuck with a long-term contract, you can buy a contract from someone wanting to sell their contract.  There are many reasons people want to sell a contract, and the good news is, you can get a short-term contract and some bonuses, like getting a free phone or a great incentive to purchase. Find the best cell phone plans in Canada.

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