Best Cell Phone Plans in Québec

Best Cell Phone Plans in Québec

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Quebec’s cell phones subscribers have access to a wide range of cell phone plans. Choosing the best network service is really tricky these days, especially if you live in an area like Quebec. There are loads of things to consider before you can pinpoint a suitable plan.

Below, we’ve outlined the best cell phone plans, carriers and coverage currently available in Quebec.  You can compare the results to find an option to suit your needs…

Quebec’s best cell phone coverage

Any Quebec resident will most likely be familiar with Videotron, the province’s largest service provider. Videotron operates its own TV, internet, and wireless providers’ network. As you can see below, it competes with all other major carriers.

Videotron tops the list of service providers, closely followed by Telus and Bell…

  • Phone coverage is often neglected in Quebec and the majority of residents live in the Southeastern portion, including Quebec City and Montreal.
  • Rural wilderness predominates across much of Quebec, particularly the Nord-du- Quebec region.
  • It’s useful to remember that coverage scores for cell phones will vary greatly when comparing the likes of Montreal to Micoua.

Comparison of small and big carriers in Quebec

Smaller carriers are supported by the major networks but offer more affordable services. These smaller carriers are known as Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs).  Network services are bought from the main providers at a wholesale rate by MVNOs, and customers benefit from more affordable network options.

For instance, if you’re tempted by Telus coverage, but need a better deal, Public Mobile, PC Mobile, PhoneBox, and Koodo are a few options worth exploring.

Getting the best coverage plan in Quebec

Our handy comparison tool helps you find a plan with the best coverage for your needs in Quebec. Simply input your address to view the results.  Our innovative tool helps you to make a more informed decision about your wireless service.

Top 10 best cell phone plans in Quebec

Quebec’s 3 most popular best cell phone plans include:


per month


cloudTalk Time150 Mins

Call Rogers Now: 1-877-330-1263


per month


cloudTalk Time50 Mins


per month


cloudTalk TimePay Per Use


per month


cloudTalk TimeUnlimited

Québec: thriving cities and rural wilderness

  • Québec is huge – it’s Canada’s largest province. Geographically, it’s three times larger than France and even Texas.
  • But, most of Québec’s population live in the South-Eastern portion – somewhere between Montreal and Québec City.
  • Montreal and Quebec City are typical bustlings, 21st-century cities. But, the Nord-du-Québec is very isolated, with large parts of the region covered by lakes and dense forest.
  • It’s important to consider Quebec’s geography when selecting your cell phone coverage. Phone coverage scores for Montreal are likely to be much higher than scores for Micoua. Let’s find out more…

Best cell phone coverage in Quebec by area

Telus and Bell cover the largest area amongst all competitors. Nonetheless, it’s just over 10% of the regionVideotron is second on the list for coverage, with around 8.7% of Quebec’s territory covered.

Geographical area covered by various competitors in Quebec, Canada (per m2):

NetworkPercentageGeographical Area Covered

The area around Quebec is covered by 3G and 4G LTE technology. Most older phones run on the 3G network, while the newer ones run on the faster 4G LTE. When 4G is not available, these phones fall back on 3G technology.

This table shows you area coverage for the top carriers:

Network coverage in Quebec, Canada (584,031 m2) through 3G/4G LTE networks

4G LTE64,14132,3677164,14156,605

But, these numbers only tell you so much. For a better understanding, you need to look at the coverage maps for each provider.

Carriers in Québec – Big vs. small

You may not realize that there are smaller carriers that use larger ones to run their network. They’re referred to as MVNOs or Mobile Virtual Network Operators. They buy services wholesale from a large network provider and then sell it at a more affordable price to customers.

For example, if you want Telus’s network coverage, but don’t want to pay the high price, you can opt for smaller, more affordable providers, like PC Mobile, Koodo, Public Mobile, and PhoneBox.

Getting the best plan and coverage

Take a look at our website to easily compare the best carriers in Quebec. You can quickly see the service available in your area and make an informed choice. Our handy comparison tool enables you to view the coverage map of your area from the four major carriers and shows you the best cell phone plans for your individual needs.

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