Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

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Are you looking for the best prepaid cell phone plans in Canada? With our guide, you can find what you need.

Choosing the best prepaid cell phone plans in Canada used to be a frustrating experience. Prepaid Plans are usually affordable, but with limited choice in terms of cell phone data and talk time minutes. In recent years, prepaid cell phone plans have evolved to meet customers’ needs. They now contain appealing features that people can trust and, therefore, invest in. This makes it easier for buyers to find the prepaid cell phone plans to suit their needs.

Prepaid Cell Phone Plans in Canada

Canadians enjoy a vast selection of cell phone plans with competitive prices and services. Before choosing a mobile plan it helps to compare different features such as unlimited talk time, free evening and weekend calling, long distance calling, data included etc.

Click here for some pros and cons of getting prepaid cell phone plans

Below are some of the prepaid cell phone plans available in Canada to compare:

Here is a list of the most popular Top 5 Prepaid Plans available in Canada


per month


cloudTalk TimePay Per Use

Call Rogers Now: 1-877-330-1263


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cloudTalk TimePay Per Use


per month


cloudTalk Time50 Mins

Call Rogers Now: 1-877-330-1263

Why should you sign up for a prepaid plan?

Prepaid cell phone plans enable you to pay first for your cell phone usage, instead of paying for a billed amount at the end of the month. This gives you more control over your budget. And, here a few more reasons to choose prepaid.

When you purchase a prepaid plan, you simply need to pay for the service upfront and you can start using it. It’s as easy as that. There are no hassles and inconveniences. Additional fees and charges don’t come into play because you’re only paying for the service you need.

Contrary to a postpaid plan, applying for a prepaid cell phone plan does not require a credit check. If you opt for prepaid, you only have to check you have enough cash available when signing up for a plan.

Most of the best prepaid cell phone plans in Canada do not involve a contract. This takes away the commitment to continue using the service if you’re unsatisfied with it. There are no legal obligations to worry about, and you have the freedom to switch to another plan at any time, without additional charges.

The quality of the service in terms of data and coverage is the same as that of postpaid plans. There’s virtually no difference between the two in this respect.

If there’s one thing you would always hear from a postpaid line subscriber, it’s the fact that they can’t get out of a service they’re unhappy with simply because their contract is tying them down. Most postpaid plans have a lock-in period, which means you’re not allowed to ditch the plan you’re paying for, unless you pay a pretty steep fee.

That’s not a problem with prepaid cell phone plans. Because you aren’t bound by a contract, you can switch to a different plan or a different carrier anytime you want. The moment you notice something you don’t like, you can jump to something else without worrying about breaking the terms of your contract or paying a penalty.

How much data do you need? How many minutes do you usually consume for voice calls? How many text messages do you send on an average? No matter how much of each of those services you need, you just have to pay for them upfront. That’s the beauty of a prepaid plan. You won’t be forced to pay a package where you don’t get to use a lot of the inclusions. You just customize your plan by paying only for what you’re going to use.

Comparing the Best Prepaid Cell Phone Service Providers in Canada

Cell phones have become increasingly important over the past several years. Cell phones are not only used for calling people, but also for text messaging, internet browsing, social media and even mobile banking. If you are comparing the Best Prepaid Cell Phone Service Providers in Canada to find the best phone plan that suits your unique requirements, we are here to help!

If you don’t want to commit to paying a fixed monthly fee, getting a prepaid cell phone plan would be an ideal choice. Depending upon your usage and requirements, a prepaid cell phone may work better for you, especially if you are looking for a no-contract cell phone plan.

Not sure how much data you need with your cell phone plan?

Having a smartphone without internet data is no fun! Below is a chart to help you compare internet plans based data included.

Compare Data for Cell Phone Plans:

Cell Phone Plan100MB500MB1GB
Virgin Mobile$30/month$40/month$50/month

The above comparison helps you determine which the cheapest cell phone plan in the market, however, the needs of each user would be different. For example, some need more data because they are on the go. Whereas some users may need more airtime minutes for long distance calling. Compare cell phone plans based on your needs to find an ideal cell phone service provider in Canada.

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