Top 9 Best Internet Providers in Winnipeg

Top 9 Best Internet Providers in Winnipeg

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Are you looking for the best internet service providers operating in Winnipeg? Here’s a broad overview of the services available.

  • Total of 16 top-rated ISPs
  • 2 Cable Internet plans
  • 4 DSL Internet plans
  • 6 Fiber Internet plans
  • Highest download speeds of 150mbps available
  • Internet plans start at a minimum price of $25.95
  • 16 unlimited internet plans available

Here’s a list of the top 9 ISPs in the capital city of the Manitoba province.

9 Best Internet Providers in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Bell MTS

All users ranging from residential users, corporates, government organizations, and nonprofit institutions in Manitoba rely on the best communications service, Bell MTS for their broadband needs. The company provides the most extensive and advanced range of content and connective services to their clients. You can rely on the company for services like:



Can-Net Telecom was first established in the year 2009 and has been providing internet services to users in close to 90% of the locations in Canada, like for instance, Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. The company has earned the distinction of being one of the major ISPs in the country. By choosing Can-Net, you can avail of several facilities like:

  • High-speed internet
  • Download speeds ranging from 100M in Ontario to 60M in areas where the higher range is not possible
  • Provision of efficient Cable Internet to most provinces in Canada’s 6 provinces with just a limited area receiving Fiber to Node services
  • Efficient customer care and troubleshooting services
  • As long as subscribers use the services reasonably, they can avail of unlimited download and upload speeds.


TekSavvy Cable Internet 5


per month


Download: 5 mbps

Upload: 1 mbps


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Service Type:
Regular Price:
Promo Price:
Promo Price Valid Until:
1 Year
Connection Type:
Modem Included:
Modem Rental:
Other Charges:
Activation Fees:
Plan Available In:

Users in Canada can avail of the highly efficient internet services provided by Teksavvy. Here are some useful details:

  • High-speed internet service
  • Highest download speeds of 100mbps available
  • Offers internet plans at minimum rates of $24.95
  • Availability of 32 internet plans to users in Canada
  • 0 unlimited plans available


High Speed Crow

High Speed Crow has been in business since 2003 providing services to users in locations in Manitoba such as Winnipeg, Selkirk, and Steinbach. The company offers fiber internet and broadband wireless services in all areas especially in Centerport where users typically don’t have access to cheap, reliable, and speedy internet services. Here are the other services that users can subscribe to:

  • Temporary services to locations
  • Spectrum analysis and RF planning
  • Project management
  • Carrier services
  • Vertical assets or towers
  • Rooftop management
  • Building to building connections through fiber or wireless devices
  • Serves users with an expert team of highly-trained, certified professionals
  • Works with a fleet of vehicles, generators, and other heavy-duty machinery and equipment
  • Provides reliable services to all clients including competitors

High Speed Crow has received acclaim by providing efficient public Wi-Fi services at events such as the Winnipeg Folk Festival that was attended by more than 1000 enthusiasts.

Broadconnect Telecom

Broadconnect Telecom has a dedicated group of subscribers that rely on the high-grade calls provided by its corporate IP phone service. The company makes this service possible thanks to the private network it has that operates independent of Public Internet Space. Because the Voice Packets are exclusive and smartly designed, the company is able to avoid jitters and latency, and loss of packets all over the country.


Established in the late 1980s, Distributel is one of the most reputed service providers and offers users services like:

  • High speed internet services in the country
  • 9 unlimited internet plans available
  • 13 internet plans available
  • Internet plans at minimum prices of $35
  • Highest Download speed of 250 mbps



Since its inception in the year 1971, Shaw has been operating in the business communications sphere. The company is dedicated to providing high-grade connectivity to users and is now one of the leading operators in the western regions of the country. Shaw offers one of the best internet services to both residential and commercial users and has managed to capture a large section of the market. In an attempt to give back to society and serve their supporters, the company has started corporate social responsibility initiatives and benefits worth $400 million.


Primus first opened for business in the year 1997 and today employs a workforce of 600 people. The company operates out of offices in almost all locations in Canada including Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, and London offering a range of telecommunication services to both residential and commercial users. Primus is known for their global, standard, reliable, and efficient services. The company also offers VoIP services in the US in partnership with Lingo


Voyageur Internet

Voyageur Internet offers a total of 19 internet plans that users can subscribe to with no limits and contractual restrictions. The company offers users packaged plans that are reliable and allow the flexibility to change plans as and when needed.

About Winnipeg, Manitoba

The capital city of the Manitoba province of Canada, Winnipeg has a busy hub at The Forks. This city center with a significant historical background is located at the intersection of the Assiniboine and Red rivers. Here, you’ll find various restaurants and stores housed in structures that were once warehouses. In addition, the area boasts of grassy open spaces that serve as ideal venues for events like concerts, exhibits, and festivals. Close by is the Exchange District famous for its carefully maintained structures and a number of art galleries that sport architectural styles from the early 20th century.

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Conclusion – Best Internet Providers in Winnipeg

If you’re looking for efficient internet services in Winnipeg, it is understandable that searching through the website of each service provider and comparing prices and plans is not a practical solution. But, if you could find all the information on a single portal side by side, making a choice would become much easier. This is precisely the kind of portal offered to you by CompareMyRates.

Our portal helps streamline your choices by providing you with search bars where you can enter the details of the specific kind of service you’re looking for. Instantly, you’ll receive a detailed list of providers in your area. Rely on CompareMyRates for the most comprehensive information possible.


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