Best Internet Service Providers in Victoria, BC

Best Internet Service Providers in Victoria, BC

With so many Internet providers to choose from, it can be difficult to gauge which plan best suits your needs. But in Victoria, BC, choosing the best Internet service provider is now easier than ever, thanks to our comparison tool here at

Interested in using our comparison tool? Just enter your postal code, select the companies you wish to compare, choose whether it’s for residential or commercial use, specify the download speed and bandwidth, and select the options you wish to compare side by side. And just like that, all the high-speed Internet plans in Victoria, BC, will be available for you to analyze.

Compiling a thorough list of all the Internet plans available is a tedious job. We’re here to help! Listed below are some of the best Internet providers in Victoria, BC.


This Internet service provider offers 8 different kinds of unlimited Internet plans. Their lowest plans available start at $69, and their highest download speed is 1,000 Mbps. Their plans are perfect for households as they’re designed so that your entire family can enjoy smooth streaming, Facebook browsing, and downloading.

This is a telecom company whose office is found in Woodstock, Ontario. Established in 1904, Execulink Telecom is one of the most successful phone and Internet service providers in Ontario. Their lowest Internet plans start at $24.99, with 9 unlimited Internet plans.

Altima Telecom

Altima is considered one of the leading independent ISPs, offering users unlimited data Internet packages even without any contract. Created in Montreal in 1996, Altima Telecom not only offers affordable high-speed Internet, they also offer phone and TV services, PBX, and networking for your business.


Established in 2004, this company offers flexible Internet packages that will surely meet your needs. Their services are available 24/7.


This is an Internet service provider that prides themselves on doing the right thing. Founded in 1998, it’s acquired quite a number of service awards since its inception. In 2011, Teksavvy was voted the number one ISP in Canada by the users of

Unfortunately, Teksavvy isn’t available everywhere in the country. Since they are technically a reseller, their DSL uses TELUS’ lines and infrastructure.


Bell Internet was originally known as Sympatico and is oftentimes still called by that name. As of 2012, the company had more than 3 million subscribers in Ontario and Quebec, successfully making it the largest ISP in Canada.

Fido Home Internet

This Montreal-based ISP is targeting millennials with their branding, as is seen in their product offerings that include music streaming and affordable travel rates. Fido can also be considered a pioneer in that it was the first carrier in Canada to launch a GSM-based network and the first wireless service provider in North America to offer General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) on its network.

Something that holds such importance in your day-to-day life, like your Internet service, rightly deserves to be given attention. With, matching your specific needs with the best available Internet service providers in Victoria, BC, has never been easier.