Top 10 Best Internet Providers in Mississauga

Top 10 Best Internet Providers in Mississauga
We’ll help you compare the different prices and speed of all of the different unlimited Internet packages available in Mississauga. Unlimited Internet plans are a good idea for people who need constant access to the Internet. To use our comparison tool, just enter your postal code, select the type of Internet you want, and all of the high-speed Internet plans Mississauga currently offers will be displayed for you. You can also check and compare the top 10 internet providers in Mississauga below.

Top 10 Internet Providers in Mississauga – Comparison and Plan Overview

Diallog Telecommunications Internet

For over 20 years, Diallog has been delivering exceptional telecom service to a multicultural Canada. It’s all in our name. Diallog was built in the spirit of communications, with the goal to understand every diverse customer’s unique needs.

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Vmedia’s has a range of choices when it comes to Internet packages:

  • DSL 6 for $19.95 per month, with an upload rate of 800 Kbps
  • FTTN 15 for $39.95 per month, with an upload rate of 1Mbp
  • FTTN 25 for $43.95 per month, with an upload rate of 10 Mbps
  • FTTN 50 for $49.95 per month, with an upload rate of 10 Mbps
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Coextro Internet (GTA Only)

Coextro provides high-speed internet service in the GTA. Lowest internet plans by Coextro starts at $39.00. Coextro offers 4 unlimited internet plans. Highest Download speed provided by Coextro is 500 Mbps. Coextro provides 4 internet plans in Toronto, Ontario.

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Execulink Telecom

Execulink is yet another provider of high-speed Internet services that’s been around for years in Canada. They offer dozens of internet plans. Seven are unlimited, the most basic of which costs $24.99, and their highest download speed is 150 Mbps. From unlimited to high-speed, compare and find Execulink’s best Internet plan for you only on Get Execulink’s best offers on the Internet below.

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Acanac Internet

Acanac Inc. is one of the largest Internet service providers in Canada. They have already established a position as a supplier of cheap and reliable services to business and residential Canadian customers after only a few years of being in the industry. They are still constantly growing and improving their services, which is why they are on our “best Mississauga internet providers” list. They plan to cover even more ground around the country. The most basic plan they offer costs $29.00. Their highest download speed is 120 Mbps.

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When you need high-speed Internet and a stable connection in Mississauga, TekSavvy is a great choice. They offer 32 Internet plans, none of which are unlimited. Their most basic plan starts at $24.95, and the highest download speed is 100mbps.

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Distributel is a Canadian high-speed Internet provider offering 13 different plans. Of these, 9 are unlimited, the most basic of which costs $35. Their highest download speed is 250 Mbps. Distributel was established in the late 1980’s, and today is one of the most reputable ISPs in Canada.

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Altima Internet

Fido Internet

Fido provides one of the most affordable internet plans for existing Fido users. Get best deals on unlimited and High-speed Fido internet plans in Canada.

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Shaw Communications Inc. is a Canadian high-speed Internet provider offering 4 different plans, none of which are unlimited. Shaw also provides telephone, television, and services related to mass media. Their most basic plan costs $55, and their highest download speed is 150 Mbps. Shaw’s headquarters are located in Calgary, Alberta, but provide services in different places around Canada, including Mississauga.

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HeroNet has been working tirelessly to save the day for thousands of Canadian citizens over the past 5 years. They do not advertise; so don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of them. The company’s sole means of connecting with consumers is through friendly referrals and positive ratings. Whenever you make a call, the company automatically routes your phone number to one of the “heroes” responsible for your neighbourhood!

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Rogers Internet

Rogers is a Canadian company that provides high-speed Internet service. They offer five Internet plans. Of these, three are unlimited plans, the most basic of which costs $69.99. Their highest download speed is 1000 Mbps. There’s a reason why Rogers is always on top of everyone’s list – what they offer is truly great and affordable.

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Bell is another company providing high-speed Internet service in Canada. They offer 12 Internet plans. Of these, three are unlimited plans, the most basic of which costs $39.95. Their highest download speed is 300 Mbps. Bell has been a leading internet service provider in Mississauga for years, and they’ve always maintained a unique portfolio of services and plans.

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About Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Mississauga is Canada’s sixth-largest city and is located in the Province of Ontario. The name comes from Algonquian-speaking people whom the French met living there when they started to trade in the area. Present day Mississauga, which was originally known as Toronto Township, was established on August 2, 1805. The township was formed when officials from present-day Toronto (then known as York) bought 340 square kilometres of land from the Mississauga. The township is conveniently located just a 30-minute drive from Toronto, and its growth has been attributed to its proximity to that city.

Whether you like shopping, sampling international cuisine, or going to outdoor festivals, there are infinite ways to experience Mississauga, and the city offers much to explore and discover. Mississauga’s hospitable society has ancestries across a variety of ethnic groups. Just over half the inhabitants who reside here today were born in another country. Mississauga, with its cultural diversity and rich history, is a great place to live, work, or visit.

Mississauga is covered by area codes 289 and 905. Calls made within these codes, or to Toronto’s 416 and 687 codes do not attract long distance charges, but you may be billed for calls made to the rest of the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

Conclusion – Best Internet Providers in Mississauga

The key question to ask yourself as you select an Internet plan is: how much data does my household use each month? The needs of the average household increase by about 40 percent each year, so it’s also good to look into the future.

You also need to compare download and upload speeds and make sure you do this on an apples to apple basis. Another thing to look at is the cost and the contract: is the provider offering a bundle? Will you use all of the services offered? How long does the contract run for? You need to consider all of these details when comparing the services and prices offered by the different companies. Similarly, take a look at the limitations of the different services.

We help you to get it right by choosing and comparing features from a variety of Internet providers to match your entertainment and communication needs. We help you save big when you do a side-by-side comparison of all of the Internet service providers in Mississauga, and our service is especially valuable given the ever-changing nature of the communications industry.

If your current provider is not meeting your needs, it’s relatively easy to switch. The new provider typically takes care of all the arrangements related to switching, and this also includes disconnecting your old service.