Top 5 Picks for the Best Internet Providers in Oakville

Top 5 Picks for the Best Internet Providers in Oakville

Oakville lies within the Greater Toronto Area. This area is among the most populous in Canada. The city is home to 193,832 as reported by a census conducted in 2016. It has experienced a 6.2% increase in the overall population as compared to the census in 2011. Among the total population of Oakville, the youth mainly teenagers have the highest proportion, i.e., 28.1 percent. Then stand pensioners who number 11.7 percent.

Our Top 5 Picks for the Best Internet Plans in Oakville

Diallog Ultimate 50/10 Mbps

Unlimited bandwidth and 50mbps download at only $35.95. A reliable provider with great support. Speeds are not the fastest but, 50mbps is great for video streaming and browsing for up to 4 computers.

Execulink Cable Internet 150 – Unlimited

Unlimited bandwidth and 150 mbps download at only $74.95. Fast Internet at affordable cost.

Acanac Internet

Acanac Inc. is one of the largest Internet service providers in Canada. Acanac has already established a position as a supplier of cheap and reliable services to business and residential Canadian customers after only a few years of being in the industry. 

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When you need high-speed Internet and a stable connection in Mississauga, TekSavvy is a great choice. They offer 32 Internet plans, none of which are unlimited. Their most basic plan starts at $24.95, and the highest download speed is 100mbps.

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Distributel is a Canadian high-speed Internet provider offering 13 different plans. Of these, 9 are unlimited, the most basic of which costs $35. Their highest download speed is 250 Mbps. Distributel was established in the late 1980’s, and today is one of the most reputable ISPs in Canada.

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About Oakville, Ontario

Located on Lake Ontario in the Halton Region, Oakville is a city in the southern part of Ontario. It has a prime location with having Hamilton on one side and Toronto on the other. The city of Oakville is well known for its charming harbors, exciting shopping areas, and the best dining options in this vicinity. This city stretches over 139 square kilometers.

Facts about Oakville

  • Located only 30km from downtown Toronto, Oakville is one of the most livable cities.
  • More than half of the population of USA and Canada is within the 800km radius of Oakville.
  • Oakville has the best weather In Canada, according to Environment Canada.
  • Oakville was ranked among the top five in most romantic cities in Canada by
  • Many large businesses have their offices operating in Oakville. Some of the major ones include Tim Horton’s, Siemens Canada, and Ford Canada.


The city of Oakville is a historic city. Colonel William Chisholm founded it in 1857. He purchased land at 12-mile and 16-mile Creeks from people living in Mississauga. Moreover, he assigned the construction task of this land to his son Robert Kerr Chisholm. As this city is blessed with natural shores and harbors, therefore timber and shipbuilding were the early industries set up here.

Oakville is also home to numerous historical sites. The famous ones include the Bronte Village’s Sovereign House and the Downtown Oakville’s Erchless Estate (home of the founders of the city). The Oakville Museum is also situated here.

Moreover, if you are fond of history, this city offers a first-hand look at the classic architecture. Regularly, events take place in the Oakville Museum, where you can learn much about history.


People living in Oakville experience a temperate and cold temperature. This city receives significant rainfall, regardless of the conditions. The average temperature around the year is 8.4 °C. Moreover, there is about 794mm of rain annually. Most of it falls in August, i.e., 82mm, whereas the driest month is February with around 50mm of rain. The difference between rain in the wettest and driest months is 32mm.

Furthermore, the warmest month of the year is July. During July, the average temperature is 21.5 °C. On the other hand, January is ranked as the coldest month, with an average temperature of -4.9 °C. Therefore, the temperatures vary around 26.4 °C.

Points of Interest

Oakville was ranked as the fifteenth best place to live by Money-Sense. Toronto Life Magazine also ranked it as a must visit destination. Moreover, the city of Oakville welcomes approximately 1 million visitors every year.

With its flawless harbors, historical attractions, exceptional Lake Ontario sports fishing, and distinct shopping areas, Oakville boast an array of activities. Some of the most amazing places not to miss here are:

  • Oakville Museum: It is one of the oldest of museums that offer guided tours inside. Special events and programs take place here for tourists.
  • Downtown Oakville: This is a shopping area where you will witness an amazing mix of retail shops and professional business services.
  • The Oakville Center for Performing Arts: Those of you who are fond of art, this place is made for you. You won’t get bored here as it provides live entertainment. Moreover, it is also home to the famous Oakville Symphony Orchestra and Oakville Drama Series.
  • Bronte Creek Provincial Park: This is a destination where you can go with your families for camping, swimming, and outdoor discovery, etc.
  • The Canadian Golf Hall of Fame: It is located on the Glen Abbey Golf Course, and there are only one of its kinds in Canada.