Top 8 Best Internet Providers & Plans in Calgary

Top 8 Best Internet Providers & Plans in Calgary
  • 12 Cable Internet Plans
  • 12 DSL Internet Plans
  • 6 Fibre Internet Plans, among others.

Read ahead for information about the best internet providers in Calgary.

If you have been looking for the best Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Calgary, Alberta, the ideal place to start your search would be the CompareMyRates platform. We have compiled a total of 45 providers that operate in this region with minimum prices starting at $24.95 and highest download speeds of 150mbps. You can make your choice by comparing the services, their price ranges, and other factors. Here are the types of services available.

Internet Plans & Connectivity in Calgary, AB


Launched in 2013, VMedia is a Canada-based company that provides internet, TV, home phone, and home security services. While the company offers VoIP telephone and home security services across Canada, it includes DSL, cable internet, and IPTV television services in several provinces and territories. All home internet packages offer unlimited usage, free installation and contract-free plans.

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Bell is one of the leading internet providers in Canada. Should you opt to sign up with Bell, you can avail of facilities such as:

  • Affordability with plans starting at a minimum charge of $39.95
  • Maximum download speeds of 300mbps
  • Availability of 12 internet plans including 3 unlimited data plans
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Acanac Internet

Acanac provides high-speed internet service in Canada. Lowest internet plans by Acanac starts at $29.00. Acanac offers 8 unlimited internet plans. Highest Download speed provided by Acanac is 120 mbps. Acanac provides 12 internet plans in Toronto, Ontario.

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Distributel was established during the late 80s and is a reliable choice if you want to avail high-speed internet service in Canada. The internet service provider offers internet packages as low as $35.00, which means you can use high-speed internet services without spending through the roof. Customers residing in Vancouver can select from a number of internet packages according to their needs

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Operating out of its base in Calgary, Alberta, under the company name of Shaw Communications Inc., Shaw is a telecommunications company and an ISP. It provides internet connections to users mainly in Alberta and British Columbia in addition to locations like Northern Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. Here are the facilities you can avail of with Shaw:

  • The minimum cost of internet plans by Shaw start at $55.
  • Highest download speeds of 150mbps
  • Offers 4 internet plans in the country
  • Has cheap unlimited internet plans
  • Other mass media-related facilities along with internet, telephone, and TV services
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Xplornet is committed to providing efficient internet services to users through a wide network of fixed-wireless towers affixed in the ground and a highly advanced satellite system in space. They cater to users in most locations in the country including remote areas.

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Teksavvy has the distinction of providing users all over Canada with high speed internet services. Here are the other facilities you can avail of:

  • Affordability with internet plans at minimum prices of $24.95
  • Highest download speeds of 100mbps
  • Selection of 32 internet plans in the country.

CIK Telecom

You’re probably familiar with the top-level consultancy company, Onet System Inc. This company is known for sophisticated technology and research and its expertise in telecommunications. The CIK Telecom is an offshoot of Onet. The company was first created in Toronto in the year 2003 when it acquired licensing as a carrier with the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission. CIK Telecom now operates out of locations in Canada and the United States along with eastern countries like Morocco, India, China, and Vietnam. Its offices have a 400 strong workforce and offers efficient customer support in all of the major cities in its home country.

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Established in the year 2003 and providing high speed internet services to thousands of residential users, CompuXellence is an IT company operating out of Montreal. It provides high grade data connections under its trademark company ConnectMoi.

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The Internet Centre

Depending on availability, The Internet Centre offers both DSL and DSL2+ in several locations in Alberta and BC. To avail of these services, users need a DSL modem and an individual phone line. Businesses and commercial establishments can get internet over a fax line that is typically distinct from the regular phone line used by the company.

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About Calgary

The main hub of the Canada’s oil industry, Calgary is a cosmopolitan city of Alberta and proudly flaunts its rapid development with skyscrapers dominating the skyline. Interestingly, Calgary, also called “Cow town” still clings to its western culture and hosts events each year such as the Calgary Stampede, the rodeo festival held in July reminiscent of the farming displays that were once held here.

Best Internet Providers in Calgary – Conclusion

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