Best Internet Provider in Montreal, Quebec

Best Internet Provider in Montreal, Quebec

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As a resident of Montreal, you’ll find many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that offer you affordable internet packages with various facilities such as high speed, no cancellation fees, unlimited internet outside of a contract.

When scouting around for the internet provider that best matches your requirements, keep these factors in mind:

  • Compare the high speeds offered by the ISPs in your area outside of a contract.
  • Compare the DSL and Cable Internet providers offering plans in your area.
  • Compare the kind of internet plans they’re offering.

You can find a comprehensive list of all the services available on a single platform. You only need to add in the details such as your location and the kind of service you’re looking for and you can find a complete list of providers along with other details and the plans they offer.


8 Best Internet Service Providers in Montreal with Their Cheapest Plan


Operating since 20 years in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, EBOX is an independent internet provider. The company offers you a competitive pricing structure along with a range of different types of internet like Cable, DSL, VoIP, and Fiber. This ISP is known for the high-grade services it provides for residential and business use.

2. Montreal-DSL

Montreal-DSL offers you a range of services such as phone line for your home, web hosting, DSL, Cable high-speed internet, co-location, long distance, and web-hosting. The company offers internet for residences and businesses.

3. Teksavvy

Offering services all over the country, Teksavvy has 32 internet plans that users can choose from. The company provides highest download speeds of 100mbps with the lowest plans starting at costs of $24.95. Users can also choose from the unlimited internet plans.

4. Bell

Bell offers internet services to users in Canada by way of 12 internet plans of which 3 come with unlimited access. The minimum price of the plans starts at $39.95. You can expect high download speeds of 300mbps from Bell.

5. CIK Telecom

Catering to over 160,000 users by the end of the year 2016, CIK Telecom is committed to providing services to ethnic groups in Canada. You can sign up for any of the plans and internet options offered by the company including Digital Home Phone, family health monitoring and entertainment, Long Distance, High Speed Cable and DSL Internet, and IPTV. This ISP provides assurance of multimedia and telecommunications protocols that are dependable, affordable, and innovative.

6. ConnectMOI

Connect MOI has one of the widest coverage in Canada and provides services to users in all the provinces of the country. By signing up for services with ConnectMoi, you can look forward to no contract plans, unlimited downloading, economical internet services along with efficiency. Further, you won’t need to get a home phone to subscribe to Connect Moi. Options of both Cable and DSL are available with assurance of high speed.

7. B2B2C

B2B2C offers users in Canada 18 internet plans of which 10 are unlimited. You can avail of high-speed internet at competitive prices beginning at $24.95 with highest download speeds of 60mbps.

8. Bravo Telecom

The Bravo Telecom ISP operates out of Montreal and has been providing internet services to users in the province of Quebec since 2008. Both residential and business subscribers can sign up for service with the company that also has bundled services for customers who need them.

About Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Standing on an island in the Saint Lawrence River, the city of Montreal takes its name from the lofty Mt. Royal located in its center dominating the landscape with its triple peaks. This city is the largest in the province of Quebec with a strong French colonial ambiance reflected in the cobblestoned streets of the Vieux-Montreal, the bohemian plateau, and the Gothic Revival Notre-Dame Basilica.

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Conclusion – Best Internet Providers in Montreal, Canada

Users in Montreal can choose from the various internet service providers offering a range of plans and internet options. By checking out the CompareMyRates website, you can have a fair view of the providers and the packages available. Pick the service provider with the plans that meet your residential or business requirements at prices that suit your budget.



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