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Best and Cheapest BYOP Plans in Canada

Best and Cheapest BYOP Plans in Canada

Given a choice between plans with subsidized phones and Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) plans, you’ll find that the BYOP plans are more economical. However, in recent times, the three big carriers are now offering higher prices on their BYO/No Tab plans. As a result, the BYO plans are now comparable with their “Lite” or “Non-Premium” phones available on contract. One of the biggest positives about the BYO plan is that you won’t need to enter into long-term contracts like for 2 years. You can work with them on a monthly basis and opt out when you feel you’re getting a better deal elsewhere.

Compare All BYOP Plans in Canada  

Choosing the Best BYOP Plan

Choosing the best plan with depend largely on the location where you live. While most plans in the country are similar, operators in Saskatchewan (SK), Quebec (QC), and Manitoba (MB) may have different pricing and service structures because they provide coverage in these locations only. For more information on choosing the best plan, check out our BYOP Plans comparison at CompareMyRates. Add your location in the bar above, hit the “Search” button, and you’ll get a complete list of options so you can make an informed choice.


Comparing the Best and Cheapest BYOP Plans

Refer to our comparison table below and choose the best BYOP provider for you.

Service ProviderUpsides Things to Note
Freedom MobileEconomical with rates at $30 per month for 2GB data with 3G HSPA+ speeds, ideal for users that prefer low prices and large data amounts but without extensive coverage and speed.No 4G LTE – Services like Virgin, Koodo and Fido are faster
VideotronOffers 4G LTE, operates mainly in Quebec and Ontario, economical and ideal for users that don’t travel a lot.Limited coverage, providers like Virgin, Koodo, and Fido have larger coverage
Virgin Mobile, Koodo Mobile, and FidoAll three services offer almost the same amount of talk time and textsVariable activation fee of $4.99, $5 and $10, respectively, owned by different network companies

Keep in mind that Bell owns Virgin and the service operates on the Bell network. Similarly, TELUS owns Koodo and Rogers is the parent company of Fido. Accordingly, each company provides services in the areas where their owners operate. Factor in this feature when making your choice from the three carriers so you can choose the one that has the best coverage in the area where you live, work, and travel frequently. You could also check for their performances from friends and family members living in their covered locations.

Comparing the Best BYOP Plans with 2GB Data

The next requirement out of your cell phone plan is the data you need to go with it. Most 2GB plans should be sufficient and as long as you keep a watch on the amount of data you’re consuming, you should be able to remain within the limit assigned to you. In 2GB, you can comfortably stream music (not too much) surf the internet, stay updated on social media pages when on the move, play online games, and once in a while, watch one or two videos. Here are the options for BYOP plans you have:

Service ProviderUpsidesThings to Note
Freedom MobileEfficient services for 2GB plans 
Videotron4G LTE service with fast speeds for quick music and video streaming, and surfing the internetMore expensive than Freedom Mobile but ideal for users who need fast speed internet services
Virgin Mobile, Koodo Mobile, and FidoOffer similar plansCarry activation fees of $4.99, $5, and $10, respectively

Do keep the ownership and coverage factors in mind when making your choice. Bell owns Virgin Mobile, TELUS owns Koodo, and Rogers owns Fido.

Comparing the Best BYOP Plans with 5GB Data and Above

Users who need high amounts of data or those who share their data plans might want to opt for the 5GB and higher data slabs. Should you opt for 5GB, you can stream all the music and videos you want, watch YouTube videos, make Skype calls, upload pictures and images, and update your social media pages without worrying about running out of data. Here are the comparable plans:

Service ProviderUpsidesThings to Note
Freedom Mobile$45 for the 5GB plan, typically you’ll end up paying $39 because of the regular promotions the company offers 
VideotronReasonably priced with 4G LTE planHas limited coverage
Virgin Mobile and FidoAlmost similar 5GB plansBoth companies charge activation fees

Given our detailed comparison and guide on how to choose the best BYOP plan for you, you should be able to get the best out of the best.  

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