Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors in Canada

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Are you trying to decide among the best cell phone plans for seniors in Canada? We can help. Seniors are unique in the way they use cell phones. Most seniors look for a reliable cell phone that can make and receive texts and calls. They don’t want to have to deal with dropped calls (something that never happened with landlines). In addition, they like knowing that they have the option to text, stream music, and browse the Internet We have found three of the best cell phone plans for seniors in Canada.

Provider Type Price
Koodo Prepaid $15
Chatr Unlimited $35
Public Mobile Unlimited $20

The Koodo Prepaid Plan

This plan by Koodo Mobile, which is on the TELUS network, gives excellent coverage, and is ideal for seniors. You can buy the base plan for $15 prepaid, and a more comprehensive package with unlimited messaging and 100 anytime minutes for use Canada-wide for around $28 per month. You also get a data plan for $5 per 100MB.

Chatr Wireless Unlimited Talk & Text

With this $35 a month prepaid plan, you have the option to add 500MB of data for an additional $10 monthly. Also included are Unlimited texts. 

Public Mobile Province Wide Unlimited Plan

This is the best bet for the senior who is seeking a short-term phone plan. Public Mobile allows you to design a plan by choosing the talking, texting, and data options that best suit you. The options include:

  • Province-wide unlimited talk
  • Canada-wide unlimited text
  • Unlimited talk for Canada and the United States (for $3 extra)
  • Pay Per Use Text & Data

You must own a cell phone in order to use this service, since Public Mobile does not sell them. Check our links to the best cell phone plans for seniors in Canada. They can help you find the plan that’s best for you.

Compare Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors in Canada
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Brian Lamacraft

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