Best Cell Phone Plans Ontario

Best Cell Phone Plans Ontario

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Why Compare Cell Phone Plans in Ontario before committing to a provider? 

Are you looking for a cell phone plan in Ontario that best suits your lifestyle? Here are some important factors to help you compare different plans to make sure that you pick one that gives you the phone you want while being easy on your pocket.

  • What type of plan will suit your need? Will a Prepaid or Postpaid plan suit your needs better?
  • Monthly fees of the cell phone plan should be low enough to fit in your budget
  • How much data is allowed in the package?
  • Does the plan include Unlimited Calls and Unlimited Texts?
  • Make sure that the service area coverage includes neighbourhoods or places that you’re frequently at

What are the current best cell phone plan deals in Ontario?

Looking for a cell phone plan with low monthly fees has never been easier. With many Canadian cell phone providers out to get a chunk of the market, there are so many choices out there for you. There are lots of packages with low monthly plans and you just need our comparison tools to cherry-pick the best one for your needs and budget. Here are some Canadian cell phone providers that are known for offering plans at very affordable prices.

Cheap Unlimited Calling Plans 

There are many low-priced cell phone plans in Ontario that are bundled with unlimited calls?  Let your fingers do the walking and get the best cell phone plan for your needs. Compare cell phone plans with unlimited calling using our search and comparison tools on our site. We compare the best and cheapest cell phone plans from both big-time players and local providers.  It’s certainly an excellent way to keep your monthly cell phone bill in check without any fear for any excess charges.

Best Prepaid Plans

If you don’t use your cell phone as much, then you don’t have to spend much for the little amount of time that you’ll need your phone. At, we can help you find the best deals for prepaid cell phone plans. Here are some of the cheapest prepaid plans that are available in Ontario:

Cell Phone plans with lots of Data

Today, cell phones are a necessity; they are part and parcel of our everyday activities from online shopping to banking, to finding directions, to social media. In order for your cell phone to perform these diverse functions, you need to have data (internet connection).

Cell Phone Plan with Unlimited Data is one of the top “crowd-drawer” of cell phone companies. Unlimited Data Plans often start as low as $35/month.  It is a good idea to compare data plans with LTE, 4G, and 3G so you get the best end of the bargain.


per month


cloudTalk TimeUnlimited

wifiData10 GB

Final Thoughts

When you’re exploring the market for the best cell phone deal in Ontario, first you have to figure out if you want a prepaid or postpaid cell plan. To get the best value for your money, you should compare plans based on text messaging, talk time, and data.

There are many cell phone providers in Canada that are offering deals that may seem too irresistible. We can help you sift through these cell phone providers in Ontario so you’ll find the best cell plan deal.


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