Best Fido Cell Phone Plans & Deals

Best Fido Cell Phone Plans & Deals

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Fido has just established its name in the big league of the Canadian telecom arena with an addition to its product range – Contract Phone Plans. These plans offer you a range of tab options to choose from offering competition to companies like Bell, and Rogers with its subsidy, Telus.

Best Fido Cell Phone Plans: Choose from 4 Tab Options

Depending on the handset you prefer, you can pay varying upfront charges. For instance, you may have to pay $0 in upfront cost for the more economical devices. On the other hand, the more expensive handsets may cost you a minimum of $100 to $200.

Examples of the Best Fido Cell Phone Plans

Here are a few examples of the best cell phone plans Fido has to offer, so can make the best choice for you:

The prices you’ll pay on the plan will depend on the upfront payments you make. For instance, if you pay higher upfront prices, you can avail of cheaper payment plans. On the other hand, if you pay minimum prices, you’ll receive a plan that needs you to make payments over longer periods like 24 months. The major telecom companies may only offer you options like paying the entire cost upfront or a specific plan without any kind of flexibility where you can choose to pay lower monthly payments.

In case you’re opting for a Smartphone, you can combine it with the Fido Pulse that includes all the basic features along with added perks such as:

  • Circle Call where you won’t be charged for making calls to numbers in your account
  • Call display
  • Complimentary Voicemail
  • Vice Daily news
  • Free Spotify music

These features are part of what makes Fido’s cell phone plans unique.

As for the plans, Fido offers you competitive plans with a range of options that meet your needs and budgetary constraints. Like, for instance, plans with high data or local calls at a $5 discount each month.

How to Find The Best Fido Cell Phone Plan for You

Fido has a wide range of cell phone plans, and it may be overwhelming for some. To help you choose them, you should learn how to choose a cell phone plan. These choosing points can help you:



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