Best Cell Phone Plans & Carriers in Alberta

Best Cell Phone Plans & Carriers in Alberta

Great landscapes, wildlife and scenic mountain ranges are just some of the things that Alberta’s citizens can be proud of. But, in this day and age we need technology too and cell phone coverage is equally important. Fortunately, cell phone coverage in Alberta is pretty good too.

When it comes to receiving cell phone coverage, it, of course, depends on where you’re currently situated in Alberta.

If you’re looking for a practical guide on the best cell phone coverage in Alberta Canada, please read on…

Carrier network coverage in Alberta

There are three major carrier networks operating in Alberta, and multiple smaller ones.

Rogers, Telus, and Bell are among the most popular networks in Alberta as far as coverage is concerned. There are also other smaller, less popular carriers, but these are the three main ones.

Geographic area covered in Alberta per M2

  • The geographical area covered by Telus is 180,258.28, with a high coverage rate of 70%.
  • Rogers covers a 156,429.66 geographical area, with a coverage rate of nearly 60%.
  • Freedom has a percentage of just 0.59 and the geographical area covered is 1,509.15, making it the least efficient service.
  • With a 70% coverage rate, Bell covers 180,258.28 of the geographical area of Alberta.

3G and 4G area coverage in Alberta

3G and 4G technology are both available in Alberta. 3G technology works on older phones, while 4G technology operates on newer phones.

Best Cell Phone Plans and Deals Currently offered in Alberta


Bell covers 180,258 meters per square in 3G, while 4G LTE covers 157,480 meters per square.


per month


cloudTalk TimeUnlimited

wifiData2.5 GB


Freedom’s 3G services cover 1,509 meters per square and 4G LTE covers 559 meters per square


Telus’ 3G service covers 180,258 meters per square, while 4G LTE covers 157, 840 meters per square.


Rogers’s 3G covers 156,429 meters per square and its 4G LTE covers 148,081 meters per square.

Virgin Mobile

Owned by Bell Mobility, Virgin Mobile Canada is a cell phone service carrier that offers you HSPA+, LTE, and CDMA.

Koodo Mobile

First launched in the year 2008 by TELUS, Koodo now has more than 1 million subscribers in Canada and is one of the leading service providers in the country.


per month


cloudTalk TimeUnlimited

wifiData2 GB


Large and small carriers in Alberta

Smaller carriers always ride on the coattails of larger providers. These smaller carriers are sometimes called MVNOS. These networks receive wholesale prices from the major providers and then pass their service on to their users. MVNOS are extremely affordable and offer a viable option for people looking to save money.

Getting the best coverage and plans in Alberta

Some companies have a coverage check service to help people easily check their location coverage. This is a useful feature, as it helps you to judge which service and location is most suitable for you. Here at CompareMyRates, we have a similar feature that helps you search for and compare each carrier and their coverage.


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