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Best Cell Phone Plans in Canada

Best Cell Phone Plans in Canada
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The largest cellular providers include Bell, Telus, and Rogers, although there are several regional operators like Koodo Mobile, Fido, Virgin Mobile, and Freedom Mobile that you might not be aware of but should consider as well.

It may surprise you to know how much you can save on your monthly phone bill. Most cell phone plans have extra features that many consumers don’t need or use. Double check them and see which ones you absolutely must have, and which ones you can live without.

Here are some questions to help you decide if the cheapest cell phone plan is something you can realistically use.

  • How much phone data do you actually consume each month?
  • Do you often make international calls?
  • Do you need overseas roaming?
  • Do you use (or plan to use) a data sharing feature?
  • Do you need to buy a new phone with the plan?

When it comes to cheap cell phone plans, it’s worth giving the little guys a shot. Sure, dealing with the big service providers is more convenient and even comforting. But, it’s usually the smaller companies that provide the cheapest cell phone plans. These telecoms share lines with the major networks, so there won’t be an issue with speed and coverage. They also offer excellent customer care through their local call centers.

Another thing to consider is the no-contract phone plans. Without a contract, you’ll be able to move your phone number to another provider if a bargain comes up. Cell phone plans change now and then. When you find a great deal that is within your budget, don’t automatically jump on it. Make sure to compare cell phone plans first. CompareMyRates offers great tools and resources for just that.


Get the lowest rates on Execulink Prepaid and Monthly billed Cell Phone Plans in Canada. Below is the list of the cheap low monthly cost Execulink cell phone plans.

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Koodo Mobile

First launched in the year 2008 by TELUS, Koodo now has more than 1 million subscribers in Canada and is one of the leading service providers in the country, Koodo now has more than 1 million subscribers in Canada and is one of the leading service providers in the country.

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From Unlimited Talktime to High Data Usage Plans. compare & find the best deals on Rogers Cell Phone Plans. Rogers offers a variety of wireless services to its customers in Canada, allowing them to be connected through their mobile devices using talk, text and data capabilities.

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Chatr Wireless

Chatr wireless cell phone plans appeal to many customers because they offer a variety of benefits including no credit checks, no tabs, no bills – because the members can pay upfront and no term contracts.

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Freedom Mobile

Outside Quebec, Freedom Mobile is one of the cheapest cell phone plan providers in Canada. The company offers unlimited resources, user-friendly contracts, and affordable mobile plans.

Freedom Mobile’s cheapest cell phone plan is only $25 per month. It features a voicemail service and unlimited calling and texting in Canada. The company’s “most expensive” phone plan is its $55 Smartphone plan. That cost is still far less expensive compared to other mobile plan providers. The plan includes unlimited data, call time, photo and video messaging in Canada and the US. It also provides unlimited global texting, voicemail and call control.

Also, if you’re going to use a Freedom Mobile plan on your old phone, you’ll be eligible for $150 worth of credits. That includes international calling or roaming and faster data.

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Best value-for-money cell phone plans

Take a look at our “best of” lists below to give you an overview of Canada’s best cell phone plans:

Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Prepaid cell phones offer the ultimate flexibility. With a prepaid cellphone, you’re not tied by contract to a particular carrier. You can easily switch carriers when your minutes and data is used up. You can choose a prepaid period for as little as 10 days, or up to 365 days. Plus, there’s no credit check, so you don’t have to worry about negatively affecting your credit score.


Monthly Price


0 Minutes Included

Talk time

250 MB

Data Included

Looking for the best cell phone plans for 2019? You’ve come to the right place. Choosing the best cell phone plancomes down to several key factors, including usagelocation (urban or rural) and the cell phone itself…

Best Cell Phone Plans by Province

  1. Best Coverage in Ontario
  2. Best Coverage in Alberta
  3. Best Coverage in B.C.
  4. Best Coverage in Quebec

Before you choose a cell phone provider, it’s important to ensure you have coverage in your location. Once you confirm coverage, you can then focus on your best options.

There are tonnes of choices, so we’ve helped narrow down the best ones depending on your location. We’ve covered British ColombiaAlbertaOntario and Quebec.

Here are Canada’s best cell phone plans in your province

Best Cell Phone Plans in Ontario

Canada’s most populous province offers consumers the most choice in Canada. If you live in southern Ontario, you can choose from the best cell phone plans in the country. The big three – BellRogers and Telus – all operate here, as well as small providers like Koodoo Mobile and Fido – currently giving the bigger players a run for their money.

8 Results Updated: August 18, 2019


Monthly Price

Sim Only Month Billed

50 mins

Talk time

No Data

Data Included


Monthly Price

Sim Only Month Billed

100 mins

Talk time

250 MB

Data Included

Best Cell Phone Plans in BC

Like Ontario, B.C. has many choices in terms of cell phone providers, especially in the lower mainland. Vancouver is one of the leading cities in Canada for cell phone coverage and value-for-money cell phone options. You can choose from a variety of plans from large and small carriers.

Best Cell Phone Plans in Alberta

When you’re shopping for cell phones in major cities in Alberta, you have a lot more choice. The big three – BellRogers and Telus – all operate in urban areas in Alberta. There are also smaller carriers like Freedom and Virgin Mobile worth considering.

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