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Best Cell Phone Plans, offers and Deals in British Columbia

Best Cell Phone Plans, offers and Deals in British Columbia

British Columbia is Canada’s third most populated province and home to 4 million residents. Stunning Vancouver is BC’s largest city, with more than half of British Columbians living in its bustling metro area. Vancouver is a thriving hub for trade, technology and culture and one of Canada’s top cities for quality of life. It’s also ethnically diverse, with most residents speaking more than one language.

However, British Columbia’s territory outside Vancouver is much more rural. The province is located between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean and many parts are still undeveloped. This means cell phone coverage is not as reliable as many British Columbians would like.

In British Colombia, your phone reception very much depends on the area you live in and the carrier you’re subscribed to. Let’s take a closer look…

Top 5 Best cell phone plans & Current Deals in BC

Take a peek at these 5 examples of BCs best current cell phone plans:

Carrier network coverage in British Columbia

It’s not surprising that network coverage can be challenging in British Colombia’s rural areas. But, you can still experience reliable coverage in Vancouver.

British Columbia is covered by Canada’s four major cell phone carriers, as well as numerous small carriers using the networks of these larger companies. Telus provides the best coverage throughout British Columbia, followed by Rogers and Bell. Freedom Mobile has minimal coverage in BC.

Cell phone coverage in British Columbia by area

British Columbia covers 366,969 square miles. Almost 20% of its area is covered by the strongest carriers, Rogers and Bell.  3G and 4G LTE technology are both available in British Columbia, led by Telus and Bell, followed by Rogers.

Big vs. small carriers in British Columbia

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to your preferred network carrier, without compromising on service quality, mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) are a great choice. MVNOs give you the same carrier experience as BC’s best cell phone plans.

MVNOs also provide excellent wireless communication services. MVNOs are more affordable than bigger carriers because they purchase their services from larger network providers at a wholesale price and can then offer their customers lower rates.

Getting the best plan and coverage in BC

Here at CompareMyRates, finding the best cell phone plans in BC is really simple. You just need to input your address and we’ll quickly show you the best plan available in your province. Don’t forget to use our filtering options get the most from your search results. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view our handy coverage map – it shows you which carrier has the best network coverage in your area.

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