Best Cell Phone Data Plan in Canada 2018

Best Cell Phone Data Plan in Canada 2018

Buying a new smartphone is fun. But choosing the data service to use, not so much. Nowadays, shopping for the best Canada cell phone plan is akin to choosing the best insurance policy. In both cases, the rates and variables are constantly changing. The fluctuating options make it challenging to do simple comparisons between data providers.

If you’re in this situation, don’t fret. There are ways to ensure you get the best cell phone plan that will fit your needs and lifestyle. You’ll find tons of resources like our comparisons at to help you filter out the choices. This way, you’ll get the plan you truly need.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Cell Phone Plan in Canada

There are many variables in play to determine the phone plan that will tick off all your requirements. The top considerations are:

1. The Data You Need

There are three types of mobile users: the light user, the heavy user, and the streamer.

  • Light User – You’re a light user if you use your phone to check emails and social media accounts occasionally. You may post a Facebook update or an Instagram photo now and then. But, for the majority of your work, you use your computer. Your smartphone is basically for calls and text messages. Thus, you use little to no data at all. The recommended cell phone plan for light users is a plan where you pay for phone data as much as you use it.


  • Heavy User – You are a part of this group if you constantly use your phone for emails and do a lot of social media engagement. Now and then, you also use your device to watch videos, stream songs, or play games. You’re a heavy user if you see the phone as a natural extension of your day-to-day life. The recommended cell phone plan for this group is 2GB or more.


  • Streamer – You are a streamer if, as the name suggests, you use your phone to stream huge multimedia files. You may have extensive YouTube and Spotify subscriptions. You also communicate with everyone using your phone on a regular basis. You’re a heavy social media user. You may even have mobile Netflix access. The recommended cell phone data plan for streamers is at least 4GB. Although, a best option would be a cell phone with unlimited data.


Your work and lifestyle play important roles in assessing how much phone data you use on a daily basis.

2. The Budget You Can Spare

Most of the time, the price tag of the data is the primary consideration when choosing the best cell phone plan. Set a budget that you can commit to every month. Yes, owning a phone now is already considered a necessity. But you don’t have to break your wallet so you can enjoy using your phone. A good idea is to compare rates here to see which plan fits your budget.

3. The Carrier Coverage

You need the best cell phone plan that will give you internet access anywhere, anytime. This especially applies to you if you travel all over Canada, or even overseas. It would be a waste of money to get a budget-friendly plan, but with lousy coverage. Looking for a plan with excellent mobile coverage where you live and work is a priority.

With these pieces of information, you can use the comparison tool to spell out the differences between your data options.

How to Choose the Best Data Cell Phone Plan in Canada

In selecting the best phone data plan, it’s important to:

1. Understand what phone data is

Before determining how much you need, understanding how phone data works is a big help. In simple terms, phone data is the digital stuff that goes in and out of your phone through the internet: photos, videos, audios, eBooks, etc. Your phone carrier will regulate the type of data it charges for. Most of the time, carriers bypass charging the data you use when making a call or sending a text message (especially if you opt for an unlimited texting plan).

Phone data plans in Canada – and practically anywhere in the world – are categorized into two. They could either be single line data or shared data. Both work exactly like how they’re named. If you’ve exceeded your data limit, your carrier can charge you for the extra data used. At times, the additional expense is an inflated rate. As such, choosing the proper cell phone plan is critical if you want to stick within your budget.

2. Determine how committed you plan to be

Data plans involve contracts. This is why your financial capabilities need to be in consideration from the get go. Some cell phone data contracts last for at least two years. If you don’t have a steady supply of income, this can be a problem.

BYOP Plans

Nowadays, carriers offer a variety of Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) plans. BYOP is essentially a data plan that involves just a SIM card and is devoid of years-long contracts. You won’t be given a new mobile phone if you opt for BYOP. But the SIM card will give you access to the carrier’s services and network just the same.

The main advantage of BYOP over traditional phone plans is its flexibility. It’s basically a month-to-month plan. You may easily opt to use a different service provider if you’re not satisfied with the program. The plans are budget-friendly, too. You can also upgrade to the latest BYOP plan when it comes out.

For BYOP plans, the particulars of choosing the best Canadian data cell phone plan vary based on where you are. For the most part of Canada, the BYOP rates follow the same price range. However, in Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, the price range is a bit different because said places tend to be outliers.

Prepaid and No Contract

If your shortlist options are Prepaid and No Contract plans, know that the two have distinct differences. With a Prepaid plan, you’re asked to recharge your account at the start of every month. If you use up all your prepaid credit before the month ends, you need to reload again to have data access. This is the best data cell phone plan in Canada if you don’t want to go over your limit and pay extra usage charges. A Prepaid plan doesn’t require a long-term contract too.

With a No Contract plan, you have to settle your monthly access fee at the end of each month. If you manage to exceed your monthly limit, you also need to pay the extra usage charges. A No Contract plan basically has the same features and extras as its counterparts, but without the hassle. The automatic renewal is also convenient.

A contract legally and financially binds you to your phone carrier. It’s a commitment you shouldn’t take lightly. Sure, a 2-year contract usually has low monthly charges, but it’s the time you need to be cautious with.

Do a Comparison to Choose the Best Canadian Data Phone Plan

Canada offers many data service providers that have extensive phone plans. On top of the list are Rogers, Telus, Bell, Virgin Mobile, Koodoo, and Fido. Each provider has its own set of pros and cons. You can figure out more about each carrier using our comparison engine.

Make your selection using the factors provided above. Use our website to see the actual differences between each carrier. This way, you’ll determine which one will fit your needs and lifestyle. is the only website that provides an extensive assessment tool to both single-line and multiline phone plans. This is where you want to go to check the best data cell phone plans online in Canada.