3 Best Business VoIP Service Providers with International Calling

3 Best Business VoIP Service Providers with International Calling

Top 3 Best Business VoIP Plans

#1 Business VoIP Provider in Canada

RingCentral Office®

  • Unlimited phone calls within the US and CA**
  • Unlimited audio meetings
  • Unlimited video conferencing (up to 200 people per meeting)
  • Toll-free or local number
  • 10,000 toll-free minutes/month
  • Voicemail-to-text
  • Unlimited internet fax
  • Automatic call recording


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VoIP Much Business Phone Service

  • No Contracts
  • Local Free Zone
  • Free Canada Calling Free Canada Calling
  • Free USA Calling Free USA Calling
  • Keep your Existing Number
  • Incoming Local Number 
  • Over 30 Free Calling Features

Diallog Business Phone System

Business Phone System

  • Unlimited Free Canada & USA calls
  • Unlimited conferencing
  • Unlimited Internet fax
  • Toll-free number included
  • Custom local DID number included
  • Automated business attendant
  • Access over 30 calling features
Did you ever have to shorten an international or  long distance phone call, whether with a remote employee or a client, due to concerns over the size of the phone bill? You know how easily you can run up the phone bill if you make a lot of long distance calls using a regular landline. There’s now a new player in the house: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is helping companies stay in touch with suppliers, partners, clients and employees overseas for unbelievably low prices.

Why You Should Use a Business VoIP Service Provider for International Calling

Users can save up to 45% on their telephone bills every month with VoIP technology, which changes your voice into “audio packets,” and routes calls through the Internet, bypassing conventional telephone company lines. Many businesses are now switching to VoIP because of the cheap calling rates, among other advantages of using VoIP. You can even get unlimited long distance and local calls, depending on the plan you opt for. Some providers also give you a fixed amount of international calling minutes each month! On-network calls are usually offered free. This means that if any of your customers use the same network as you, calls to their number will be free.

Which International Business VoIP Calling Plans are Best for You?

VoIP services are affordable, making them the preferred choice for people who make a lot of overseas calls. It’s essential that you have a means of staying connected without any financial strain, whether it’s family or friends abroad, or a business associate overseas. The best international VoIP service varies for everyone, and largely depends on the regions you call frequently and the length of time you usually spend on the phone. Per minute rates can get really expensive if you make lengthy calls, in which case it usually makes more sense to subscribe to an international calling plan. Visit the websites of the various VoIP providers to see the lists of countries included in their plan (each provider has a different list). It’s time to move over to VoIP, and get the benefits of international calls without the usual hefty fees.

3 Best VoIP Providers for Businesses that Need Easy Unlimited International Calling

Only a few business VoIP providers offer unlimited international calls within their packages, because small business owners tend not to make frequent overseas calls. While most, if not all, providers allow you to place overseas calls, the process can be tedious. You might need a support ticket if your service doesn’t come up by default – and all of us know how long these requests can take – and a few of the providers even ask for a deposit to activate the plan. If you make or receive international calls after activating the service, they will not count as part of your unlimited minutes. Instead, your provider will bill these calls on the basis of a per country rate, and these prices often vary considerably from country to country. Even finding out the per country rate can be a hassle, requiring you to dig through an extensive list comprising the rates of more than 200 countries. Rates range from over a dollar on the high end, to as low as one cent per minute.   We know that for busy business owners, this process is not ideal, and we like to keep things simple. Some providers have given their international calling models some second thought, and thankfully, many now offer their own unlimited plans.