4 Examples of The Best Business Internet Plans in Canada

4 Examples of The Best Business Internet Plans in Canada

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When looking for the best provider of business internet service, you should consider several factors regarding your internet usage.

Although price, speed, and availability are usually the most important factors, it is equally important to figure out the number of people using the internet service simultaneously and what drives their daily use. These two variables will impact your internet speed.

Choosing the Best Business Internet Provider

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Different Types of Business ISPs

Internet service providers have changed considerably in the past decade, ditching outdated technology for a new one and offering more services to expanding businesses.

With more choices, making the wrong decision is always on the cards. However, to make your decision easier, here are some types of internet plans you should know about:


One of the more popular types of internet plans that provide the internet to businesses through cable companies. It is also a cost effective way to stream the internet.


DSL was once popular, but is now outdated due to various limitations like poor speed.

Fiber Optic

It is the fastest type of internet. It provides the internet to businesses through special tubes that make use of light beams to deliver high internet speeds up to 1gbps. However, Fiber internet has geographical limitations. Also, it is more expensive than other types because internet speeds are not affected by harsh or inclement weather, and it is hard to hack.


This is a standard type of internet. The providers use satellite dishes for sending the signals to businesses. Although satellite internet is fast, it is slower than fiber optic and cable.

Dial-up Internet

This type of internet is usually unreliable and is rarely used by many businesses nowadays.

The good thing about ISPs is they offer more than the standard internet. They also provide diverse service packages to businesses which include phone, TV, and email, which can save businesses plenty of money.

Moreover, internet providers also offer complete connectivity packages like Ethernet services. For many business organizations, this makes managing online services easier and reduces costs. With the help of experienced internet providers, businesses can take responsibility for managing their internet services off their shoulders which further lowers costs like that of IT experts. They can also offer consulting services to businesses by advising on matters like remote device management.

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Providing the Right Bandwidth and Speed

Today, no business can stay competitive if it spends too much time uploading a file or downloading critical data, which can reduce office productivity. By preferring low speed over high costs, a business can hurt itself in the long run. The internet should be a tool for business success. Going for the minimum features will usually not get the task done. Peak hours should be taken into account too when multiple devices access the internet.

A business looking for an ISP must inquire about throttling and bandwidth caps. They should inquire about the download speeds at different times during the day and other variables that might cause the internet to perform poorly.

Security and Safety Considerations

If an ISP fails to offer adequate cyber security, it is unlikely to be a reputable provider and businesses need to be wary of such providers.

Top-notch providers will usually provide anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-malware, and anti-spyware tools and services. It is vital to consider the safety features an ISP is offering with their specific details. Businesses may also like to know if the provider also offers security for mobile devices.

Besides internet security, a business should also consider backup coverage that an ISP provides. In case the system crashes or experiences downtime, a good ISP will restore lost data using the backup. Another important consideration is the provision of cloud-based backup systems.


Other Important Considerations

Port Access

For a business that has locally hosted servers, port access is mandatory. These businesses require unlimited port access. A few ISPs have port limitations which can restrict access to specific ports that a business may need.

Static IP Address

This can offer numerous benefits to business, which is a special consideration for a business that uses Virtual Private Network.

Third Party Software

This software and apps are offered by ISPs to support businesses and enhance their service productivity. These apps and software cost a minor fee but are of enormous value.

Customer Service and Tech Support

For a business to rely on an ISP, it needs a highly reliable service provider. A steady and stable connection is vital for staff to do their job.

Most businesses will need an ISP that provides a Service Level Agreement, which guarantees uptime without major interruptions. Businesses should consider the solutions that an ISP offers in case the connection is interrupted.

Quality of customer service is another vital consideration. Make sure the ISP has knowledgeable and skilled tech personnel before hiring their services. As these people will assist the business in case something goes south, it is important that they show professionalism.

Business Internet in the Future

The internet is constantly evolving and improving. A well-prepared ISP will anticipate and manage these changes by tweaking its services accordingly. Businesses must determine the adaptability of the service provider before they sign up for their services.

For instance, the development of IPv6 demonstrates how the internet can change. Now, more devices can access internet services than before. It is crucial to find an ISP that can tackle these types of changes.


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