Best Bell Mobility Cell Phone Plans in Canada

Best Bell Mobility Cell Phone Plans in Canada

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Bell Mobility, previously known as Bell Cellular, is a leading wireless telecommunications provider and is a part of BCE Incorporated based in Canada. The company is the third largest wireless carrier in the country with over eight million subscribers by the start of 2016.

Bell Mobility is an HSPA and LTE-based wireless provider in Canada. As a progressive part of Bell Canada, it sells wireless services throughout the country. According to an estimation conducted in 2018, the organization along with its operational affiliates has 9.008 million users, making it the second largest wires less service in Canada.

The Best Post Paid Plans of Bell Mobility

The company provides unlimited access to the best national networks of Canada, which include:

  • Unlimited packages of the family calling within the country
  • Conference calling call waiting, message center, and call display
  • Access to more than 40 on demand channels with a two-year contract
  • Access to more than 7, 000 magazines and newspapers with press reader.


per month


cloudTalk Time150 Mins

 Best Prepaid Plans of Bell Mobility

With Bell Mobility, the customer can opt for fantastic features and plans like unlimited data for weekends and occasions, anytime minutes or unlimited offers for international texting.

Best Family Plans of Bell Mobility

Bell offers some amazing and affordable rates as per your needs. The plans give you flexibility to customize your desired data and voice no matter if it’s a new phone or you’ve added your family. You can opt for any plan ranging from international calling in US or Canada to local calling packages.  The variety of plans allows you to choose what suits you best.

To help you best with your rate plan, it is advised that you decide the type of your phone to let us determine what plans can be beneficial to you.


Best Internet Plans of Bell Mobility

With Bell Mobility, you can double the benefits of your internet device by availing internet packages like the Internet Plus Plan and Internet Flex Plan.  Plus, it is easy to share data across different devices.

More about Bell

Operating as MVNO on its mobility network, Bell acquired Loblaws prepaid PC Telecom and Virgin Mobile Canada. Some of Bell’s regional subsidiaries run their own wireless networks but still allow subscribers to use Bell’s networks. Organizations like Télébec (TélébecMobilité, NorthernTel (NorthernTel Mobility), and Northwestel (NMI Mobility and Latitude Wireless) are included in it.

Continuing with its remarkable performance, Bell mobility expanded its structure by spearheading Aliant’s wireless operations in Atlantic Canada. The collaborated project had an aim to restructure both Aliant and Bell and also to establish a business in the region as Aliant Mobility. The business continued there until the company was re-branded in April 2008.

Bell Mobility is also a part of the British Columbia Technology Industry Association.

To improve its network coverage, Bell purchased MTS in May 2017. Before this purchase, Bell’s network was only covering Winnipeg to Brandon Corridor. On the other hand, MTS’s network had an extensive network in Manitoba, covering many areas of the state.

The company is also one of the big three service providers in Canada and offers wireless services to about 8.5 million wireless subscribers throughout the nation. In 2011, the company successfully introduced Long Term Evolution (LTE) to improve customer speed, bandwidth, and reliability.

Bell Mobility rolled out LTE technology nationwide in 2016, and its services currently cover nearly 96% of the Canadian population. The company also offers an excellent range of top-notch and latest cell phones at very competitive prices with various payment methods. It has monthly installment plans for those customers who prefer to pay for their mobile device every month rather than paying a lump sum amount upfront.

Bell Mobility offers its customers both postpaid and prepaid options for family share plans and single lines. If you travel frequently and must stay connected on the go, the company offers various excellent international packages. These range from large travel packages to simple roaming packages which can easily accommodate the needs of the most demanding wireless customers. You can add most of these packages to your standard plan.

LTE Bandwidth: 1700/2600/700MHz

Technology: CDMA


What Should You Know About Bell Mobility

Bell Mobility is the third biggest wireless carrier operating in Canada and has more than eight million wireless subscribers. According to information released by the company, it has the largest LTE network in the country with about 10,000 towers from one coast to the next, as of 2016.

The company provides both postpaid and prepaid plans. Currently, its postpaid plans range from just $35 to $185 monthly, while prepaid plans range from just $16 to $66. All postpaid and prepaid plans offer unlimited text messages in throughout the country, and some even include unlimited text messages to the US.

If you are looking for a great phone to go with an exceptional service plan, Bell Mobility is your answer as the company offers device financing with both upgrade options and two-year term!

What Is Good About Bell Mobility?

The wireless provider offers the following benefits:

  • Plans for your mobile device
  • Different phone financing options are available
  • Offers unlimited message plans
  • Offers calls throughout Canada on most plans

Network Speed and Coverage

While the company does not mention a specific percentage, it claims to have the most extensive coast-to-coast LTE network in the country which can provide coverage to over 32 million subscribers.

According to OpenSignal, we can break Bell Mobility’s network types down as follows:

  • 6% UMTS (3G)
  • 11% HSPA (3G)
  • 33% HSPA+ (4G)
  • 50% LTE (4G)

You can easily check the type of networks and coverage available in your area by visiting their support page.

Some notable considerations are:

  • HSPA speeds in various Northern Territories are as low as 1.5Mbps
  • Prepaid HSPA services are not available in several Northern Territories, which include Rankin Inlet, Cambridge Bay, and Iqaluit
  • HSPA extended zones usually incur long distance charges for plans that do not include Canada-wide calling.

Bell Mobility was given the prestigious rank of the fastest network in Canada for three consecutive years by PC Magazine in its study. Average LTE download speeds were 59.72 Mbps, and upload speeds were 19.27 Mbps. Additional data compiled by OpenSignal reveals an average download speed of 17.6Mbps on 4G while 4G upload speed was 8.5Mbps. Moreover, download speeds on 3G were 3.4 Mbps, and upload speed averaged at 1.1Mbps.

Whether you are a family or an individual, Bell’s Share plans will allow you to customize your phone, data, and voice. You can share the data package with your family members or other devices and save considerable money every month.

You will also benefit from the convenience of handling only one bill while staying connected in more than 110 international locations with the company’s affordable and convenient Roam BetterTM add-on.


Join Bell Mobility

You can opt for the Share plan that is suitable for you as well as your family members to get started. Different packages are as follows:

$75 per Month

The plan is available for first customers and includes smartphones with data packages.
Following are included in this plan:

  • Two GB of data with 300 local minutes
  • Unlimited text, video and picture messages throughout Canada
  • Message Centre, Call Display, Call Waiting and Conference Calling
  • The most extensive Wi-Fi network in Canada.


per month


cloudTalk TimeUnlimited

wifiData3 GB

Add Your Tablet

Whether you purchase a tablet from the company or use your own, you may share your Share plan’s data with your tablet, which will cost you just $10 per month.

Bring or Buy a Phone at Full Price

In case you have a cell phone already, it is perfect, but you can buy one outright starting at just $45 per month.


per month


cloudTalk Time1000 Mins

wifiData0.5 GB

Add any Smartphone on The Smartphone Plan

You can add previous generations of premium smartphones (Such as BlackBerry DTEK50 and Samsung Galaxy A5) on our plan.

Add Your Premium Smartphones on The Premium Smartphone Plans

By buying a premium smartphone, you can pay less on the monthly plan. It needs at least two GB of data on your account. Smartphones on this plan include iPhone SE, Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, Sony Xperia and Moto Z.


per month


cloudTalk TimeUnlimited

wifiData3 GB

Add Your Premium Smartphones on The Premium plus Smartphone Plans

By purchasing a premium smartphone, you can pay less on your cell phone up front. It needs at least two GB of data on your account. Smartphones on this plan include iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel and LG G6.


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