Best American Express Credit Cards for Travel

Best American Express Credit Cards for Travel

If you are constantly on the go or traveling, a travel rewards credit card is certainly what you need to consider getting. You can save a lot while booking your travel by simply redeeming earned points on your credit card. Some of the best travel credit cards help you collect travel reward points on your everyday purchases.

When it is time to make plans for your next trip, just redeem those points and cover the costs – simple as that. As another of the many perks with travel rewards cards is you can get cash back and travel insurance too. So, you can sit back and relax. Why? There are two reasons: there is no need to pay as much as you needed to and you have protection with no additional costs, in case something happens during the trip.

American Express offers many travel rewards credit cards to choose from. For some such cards, the American Express has collaborated and partnered with many loyalty programs to be able to offer additional card features and options. Look here at the best credit cards made for travel purposes, all available via American Express.

The American Express Gold Rewards Card has attractive offers if you are looking for travel rewards credit card. Firstly, any new cardholders of American Express Gold Rewards card will get a welcome bonus of even 25.000 Membership Rewards for reaching purchases of $1.500 worth purchases, during the first 90 days or 3 months. Secondly, there is no need for you to pay yearly fee in the first 12 months. Keep in mind – you will need to pay $150 yearly fees after this. If you are still not convinced by these introduction offers, you can also face good opportunities for gathering points. You can get two points per $1 on grocery, gas, travel and pharmacy purchases too. Also, you will get one point per $1 on every other type of purchase. This type of a card has many purchasing and travel insurance benefits that surely simplify your worries. The welcome starting offers are excellent and opportunities for scooping points are making this an amazing option for the travel rewards card use.

Interest Rate


Annual Fee

No Annual Fee

Balance Transfer: 1.99% Balance Transfer for first 6 months and 22.99% after

Cash Advance: 22.99%

Welcome Bonus

Intro Balance Transfer APR 1.99% for 6 months + 0% Balance Transfer Fee.

Interest Rate

Charge Card

Annual Fee


Balance Transfer: n/a

Cash Advance: n/a

Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus 25,000 Membership Rewards*

The more amount you spend with the American Express AeroplanPlus Gold, the more rewards you will see. Initially, for those first $10.000 of purchases only, you will earn a point per $1. Still, after the spending of $10.000 on this card, you will see an increase in earned points to 1.25 per $1. To make even more out of the rewards, make sure to try and reach the access of higher rate of earnings. And keep in mind this card comes with interest rate of 30% adequately. This is incredibly high, so ensure you pay down the balance as needed. You will get 15.000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles after the first spending of $500 for the first 90 days or 3 months. When the time is right for redeeming points, you will get many options such as car rentals, hotel expenses, vacation packages, merchandise, experiential rewards and much more. This type of card is limited in terms of travel insurance coverage.

Next, the American Express Air Miles Platinum card is an amazing choice for those Air Miles collectors. You will get one point per every $10 spent on groceries, gas and pharmacy needs. In addition, you will get one point per every $15 on other purchases spending. You can collect the earnings annually, as you get 2.000 bonus Air Miles reward miles with total charge of $1.500 in purchases with the card and within the first 90 days. Such a card offers good flexibility and you redeem points for travel, but if you like you also can redeem those points for just about anything, from electronics to movie tickets.

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