Bell and Telus Follow Suit after Rogers Introduces Unlimited Data Plans

Bell and Telus Follow Suit after Rogers Introduces Unlimited Data Plans
With the advent of the wireless data communication industry in Canada, companies are starting to gear up to offer exciting plans for customers. The unlimited wireless data plan announced by Rogers has already sparked a conversation among the industry professionals. And it was only a matter of time before Bell and Telus launched their wireless data plans. It’s a much-needed shift for Canada’s three wireless networks, which have been more or less slow to catch up to premier unlimited data plans of the U.S carries.

Price Model

Bell, following the path of its rival Rogers, is offering a new wireless monthly plan at $75 with 10 gigabytes of high-speed data storage. The unlimited data, however, can be used at reduced speed. The price structure of the Bell plan is somewhat similar to what Rogers offered earlier last week. Telus, however, has decided to follow a different path altogether. To counteract the new pricing strategy set by Rogers and Bell, Telus is offering a promotional style plan that charges $75 a month with 15 gigabytes of data storage, followed by a nominal overage fee.

Flexibility of Plans

Contrary to the permanent nature of Rogers infinite wireless data plans, Bell and Telus data plans are promotional and have an expiration date. Bell’s 15 GB data plan includes unlimited text messages and calling across Canada. Telus, on the other hand, doesn’t offer unlimited usage compatibility like Bells and Rogers. Thus, you will have to pay for more data usage. Similarly, the added cost to the plan is over $10 for 100MB, which customers can expand to maximum 500MB. The additional cost, however, will be just $0.12 per MB. Although 15GB is more than enough for most of the customers, you can avail more data options from Telus’ plan. While the nature of the Telus data plan is not unlimited for anyone that uses over 15GB of data, customers can choose shareable data of 500MB for $15, 1GB for $22, or select 2GB data at $32 as a usual overage rate.


The new wireless data plan by Telus will end on July 2nd, 2019. But the bonus 5GB data speed can be used for two more years. Bell intends to offer its wireless data plan until June 30th, 2019, and the usage of 5GB of additional high-speed data till July 2nd, 2019. Apart from the expiration of these wireless data plans, there are certain conditions attached to each plan. And it would be unfair not to mention how Freedom Mobile in the past offered a variety of unlimited data plans without overage fees. The customers are expected to lean more towards Rogers offer as it is comparatively 25% cheaper. But the permanent status of Rogers allows Bell and Telus to cover a broader target market. And both companies are offering promotional unlimited wireless data plans. Besides, customers are bound to experience slower speeds after exceeding the 10 GB threshold with Rogers’ data plan.

What Lies Ahead?

The current pricing battle between three major carries resembles what happened in 2017. The unlimited wireless plan became available at $60 for 10 gigabytes of storage.Sasktel, Freedom Mobile, and Videotron are some of the prominent competitors, but the need for a fourth major carrier which can operate in the same league as Bell, Rogers, and Telus is of utmost importance. Also, Rogers’ capacity to monetize the overall data usage and growth for an extended period is limited. And a more robust pricing model means more competition among mobile carriers in Canada. Consequently, lower prices are possible, as is the case in the US and several European countries. The timing and scale of changing prices is a crucial component here. Alas, a significant decrease in rates would ultimately cause wireless companies to face an extended decline in revenue.