BBB Spam Tracker Tool in Canada

BBB Spam Tracker Tool in Canada

BBB -The Scam Tracker Tool in Canada

From people promising to offer you true love to helping you get rich instantly, cases of fraudulent activities are rampant in Canada. If you have lost money or sensitive information, the following news should be music to your ears. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has just launched a powerful tool for Canada, the BBB Scam Tracker.

A big part of the success of this tool will depend on consumers reporting fraudulent activities to the BBB.  Therefore, if you have recently suffered in the hands of cons, report this to the BBB and there is a handy button in the top of the tool to Report A Scam. Authorities will take up the matter, investigate and add to the Scam Tracker to help other Canadian consumers.   If you are victim of a scam, it will also help you giving you a resource be proactive.

We have looked at some basics of the Scam Tracker. Let us now review of what the tool will fight.


Latest From the Scammers

A look at the BBB Scam Tracker shows all manners of alerts from consumers all over Canada.  As of November 2015, alerts on the site included Facebook Gift Exchange, Holiday Job scams, Syria War scam and Home refinancing cons. This shows that the tool is capturing so much from the fraud world. We can categorize all these into two types of scams, Soft Scams and Hard Scams.  Whatever fraudulent activity you come across, it will either be a hard or soft scam. A soft scam involves a scammer giving false information about a product or service to ensnare you. This is where the infamous mail orders frauds fall. In the case of hard scams, those businesses, products or services do not even exist. Have you fallen for any of these?

Scammers in Canada are upping their game daily and some of the more recent scams are Help a Syrian and Make Easy Money? It’s a Con, Facebook Gift Exchange is Really a Pyramid Scheme and more looking for ways to take your money or identity. 


What can you do?

Fraud Prevention Tactics

Be extremely wary whenever someone asks for personal details such as passport number, credit card number or social insurance number.

Many frauds send messages through emails, text messages or even phone calls. I have listed the following tips that offer an easy but effective way of staying safe from frauds.

  • Do Extensive Research

The BBB website is your best source of information regarding a business in Canada. Go to, which is a collection of millions of businesses in North America and confirm the legitimacy of any business.

  • Safeguard Your Identity

Your personal identity is always at risk but you can protect it by shredding documents and storing others securely. Never expose document that have sensitive data.

  • Stay Away From Insecure Websites

Many Canadians than ever are shopping online and fraudsters are on their trail. Don’t wait to be the next victim of these determined criminals. Before you give out any banking or personal information, make sure you are dealing with a trustworthy website. An “https” on the address means the site is safe for use.

  • Keep your Computer Protected

Installing antivirus, firewall or anti-malware and internet security software on your computer.  Limit the information you give out on social media or any other website.  Insisting on written agreements will keep you safe too.


From 2014 when it was just in the test phase, the BBB Scam Tracker is now available for all BBB’s in Canada. Take advantage of this user-friendly tool to expose all fraud perpetrators in your area and use the tips shared for enhanced security of your finances and identity.  At, one of our main goals is to assist Canadian Consumers save money and give money saving tips, we hope this blog post will help you and you take advantage of this wonderful tool offered by the BBB.