Top 5 Advantages of Using VoIP for your Business Phone

Top 5 Advantages of Using VoIP for your Business Phone

Top 3 Best Business VoIP Plans

#1 Business VoIP Provider in Canada

RingCentral Office®

  • Unlimited phone calls within the US and CA**
  • Unlimited audio meetings
  • Unlimited video conferencing (up to 200 people per meeting)
  • Toll-free or local number
  • 10,000 toll-free minutes/month
  • Voicemail-to-text
  • Unlimited internet fax
  • Automatic call recording


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VoIP Much Business Phone Service

  • No Contracts
  • Local Free Zone
  • Free Canada Calling Free Canada Calling
  • Free USA Calling Free USA Calling
  • Keep your Existing Number
  • Incoming Local Number 
  • Over 30 Free Calling Features

Diallog Business Phone System

Business Phone System

  • Unlimited Free Canada & USA calls
  • Unlimited conferencing
  • Unlimited Internet fax
  • Toll-free number included
  • Custom local DID number included
  • Automated business attendant
  • Access over 30 calling features
If you’re a business owner, it’s highly likely that you’re always searching for ways to increase your bottom line. Indeed, it’s the key to a successful business. Business communications can be an area with major savings potential for your company. Making use of VoIP (voice over IP) technology is a great idea for your small or medium-sized business. Switching to a VoIP system can lead to significant cost savings.  Here we explain exactly why your business needs to ditch traditional phone systems and choose VoIP instead…

1. Lower hardware costs

Purchasing new hardware can be very costly, especially with the ever-changing world of modern technology. If you need to add an auto-attendant to your business communications, you have to pay for and install new hardware. Likewise, if you require an auto-attendant at a separate location, you have to purchase even more hardware. The costs start to build up… With VoIP at your disposal, you can change and/or update your system in real time — without the cost of new purchases or installation. When you employ VoIP in your business communications, you can add users and phones instantly, route calls to any location, and update IVRs for no added charge.

2. More reasonable maintenance

If you’ve ever experienced downtime because of a phone system hardware failure, you  know that it can have tangible effects on your business – sometimes in the form of thousands of dollars! However, when you’re using VoIP in the cloud, you can eliminate the risk of hardware failure as well as other downtime maintenance obstacles. When you’re using outdated phone system hardware, you not only have the trouble of replacing hard-to-find components, you also risk high maintenance fees from niche professionals.

3. Lower calling charges

VoIP uses the Internet to connect your business calls. Using IP telephony allows you to avoid long distance fees and you can make international calls at half the cost of traditional/landline communications. Good news for your bottom line.

4. Ditch unnecessary fees

Upgrades are unavoidable in any business, but especially in the technology space. With a traditional phone system, updates – and therefore, fees – are your responsibility. System upgrades with VoIP are covered by your service provider. The end result is cutting-edge technology at affordable prices.

5. Make things mobile

When it comes to traditional phone systems, there’s absolutely no mobility. You and your employees are glued to your desks when you’re on the phone. And when you’re not on the phone, you’re sitting at your desk waiting for your next call. Then there’s the issue of moving offices! If you move office, you’ll have to manually reroute your number to the new location. Once again, VoIP is the money-saving solution. Your VoIP number represents your account (not your physical location), so it can travel when you do. As long as you have an IP connection, your VoIP system can connect. It can even be accessed by smartphone apps, so your business communications are truly location independent. This is just one of the key differences between landline and VoIP systems. VoIP can result in huge cost savings for your business, whatever your business size. It’s important to shop around for the best vendor for your needs and when you find the right service you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch earlier.